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Event Management

October 16, 2011  by: Rajendra  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.10   Views: 415

with the change in life style, many fields emerged to provide employment, Event Management is one among them. Irrespective of educational qualification one can reach high stage in this career, just by applying creativity and improving human relations.


Event Management is newly emerging career which has a potential to show employment for many youth. The name suggests is basically managing an event which could be gathering or a function or a live musical show , parties, festivals etc.., this course is more about managing and coordination both go hand in hand. Event Management revolves around a few important areas
1. Planning
2. Devising Event Concept
3. Coordinating the logistics
4. And the most important Ensuring you make full use of the resources given. it is a lucrative business in today's age, when every house hold wants to celebrate at every moment of its lives, they look to find the Event Coordinator or Organizer who can help them when all their needs.

One should understand, the role of an Event Manager/Organizer/ is not limited to controlling or managing the crowd, when one notice the word Organizer it basically mean that person who can help setting up an to client's needs, he/she is responsible to talk to clients, need to attend their requirement and based on their interest and fancies, need to identify the best way to have fun by offering varied services like food, music, entertainment and fun element.

Does it require any qualification?

Anybody, irrespective of qualification, age, and sex can do it. Someone who helps mother or spouse in coordinating a party or marriage is suitable to start career in Event Management, planning come with practice but, being resourceful doesn't come with practice. One should understand that being resourceful is more about how well one can manage budgets and buy the required articles need to make an event successful, a person seeking to get into this industry has to be in bargaining too, knowing what to get from where.

In these days many institutes are offering special courses in Event Management, A few of them are Corporate colleges which are teaching MBA, HOTEL MANAGEMENT, or FASHION DESIGNING . These courses covers many areas related to Event Management, PR (Public Relation), Client Management, Sponsorship Management to name a few.


Experience is not compulsory. However by experience ones incomes level would reach high level. One would soon also know that people take services of those Event Managers whom they have seen work with big names and the portfolio that one made in this line.
Own business is also possible

Definitely one can start his\her own business in Event Management. The investment is depended upon the area or place of set up and extras that are being added.
Wedding Planner & Catering: It all boils down to which part of event management that one want to get into, if you choose to get into wedding planning and catering one needs own chef to cook food for client and utensils and boys for offering catering services. Otherwise it would become problem to offer a better service.
Decorations: decorations need to have a small capital in this area one can have multiple vendors in many companies even with the large Event Management companies in the City most of them rely on vendors, investing into the decorative items isn't feasible. But, one important thing to know about is to build your relationship with a Vendor in such a way that tomorrow if you have no money he will still work with you because he knows you're a good payment master.

How much one can earn

the most important thing in any business is don't rush into things, based on capacity handle things if you are new in this business start with very small events, don't be greedy you'll burn yourself and before you know it your business will shut down. They are many Boy and girls who tend to start a business and before they could get a grip on how events are done they try to find big events and in such big events when they see so many people become nervous find it hard to organize with a proper budget, and due to lack of experience blow the event out of proportion. Please be calm and be patient, you need to start with smaller event even though if you don't make money initially don't give up because in the first 5 events you will come to know how the business runs which are the key sectors where you lack as an Event Coordinator or Organizer and I strongly recommend that you start with known family parties or close friends, before you venture out into the market to find unknown or new clients.


Event Management is the most lucrative business in today time after Food & Beverage Industry but, at the same time the most difficult business to survive with. With so many Event Management companies coming up it's the company that offers the most exclusive and best quality services survives to become NUMERO UNO in the market. Maintaining quality and being attentive and using your resources to the utmost possible way to keep your client happy is the key to success. The line is also requires a person to be CREATIVE! Your clients will soon get bored of the same services you offer soon they will start looking for other alternate options or other event management firms who can offer something new and refreshing. Wedding Planning and Decoration is all about CREATIVITY the more creative you are the more you tend to attract new clients to you your brand or company or yourself!

Those who choose to get into this field gaining work experience is important, learn the business by joining the top event management firms, learn the walk. Please don't not be under the impression of 1year experience in any firm can make you successful having minimum 2 to 3 years before you start your own business is very important. You don't know English and that why you feel this is not a field for you? Thinking that is wrong, you know need to know English you can be from anywhere as long as you can speak good Hindi or Telugu or both and cater to the community your from will be fine. Until and unless you want to become a National Brand and want the world to know you its not necessary to know English or learn it!


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