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Green Healers Inside Your House

October 16, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 732

Home décor is taking a momentum everywhere. Globalization and commercialism are boosting creative ideas for better living. Making your house green with in-house plants can give you better physical and fiscal health.


East or west home is best. Your house is the place of rest and happiness; an abode of solace in your life filled with tension and stress. Interior décor plays an important role in boosting good moods and health at home. Experts say that the colors of the walls have much to do with moods and health of those who live in that house. In-house plants can serve this purpose and your body and wallet will thank you for this. Just compare the cost of a fern with that of a Picasso.

Interior decoration with plants

Interior décor with in-house plants can add life to the room and make your life healthier. Researches say that the feel-good effects of mixing a few houseplants into your home décor can boost your creativity, beat the sniffles and bring an addition in your purse.

The leafy greens can fill you with fresh energy

Each room of your house can be decorated with suitable in-house plants to reap greater health benefits. Experts recommend green plants to be kept in houses as much as possible.

1) De-stress with green dragon tree

Your rooms with smallest windows can be placed with green dragon tree. A little green can instantly chill your room. Researches convey that city dwellers who live in houses with green grass and trees have fewer burnouts and panic grips than those who rarely see greenery. Lohr's studies state that people worked in windowless compute labs and had common houseplants such as bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, snake plant, or arrowhead vine in their rooms had a 4-point drop in their blood pressure level compared with people without plants.

2) Spark creativity with colorful African violets

In a study from A and M University, women who worked for an hour in a room decorated with two potted plants and a bouquet of flowers generated 13% more ideas than women a room with abstract sculptures. Researches show that plants are mood boosters and provide a lot of creative ideas.

3) Fight your cold with ultra-leafy plant

Placing an ultra-leafy plant, such as a philondron, in your bedroom can boost your immunity power and protect you from a cold. Dr. Michael Janson, author of User's Guide to Heart Healthy Supplements, says that dry air can lead to a parched nose and throat and raise your risk of an easy infection. Plants can do the work of a natural humidifier. To fight dry air while you sleep, you can try with any indoor ivy variety or lilies and African violets. The more plants you have the healthier you will feel!

4) Cut exposure to harmful chemicals with plants

All plants filter toxins from the air and hence you can pick up plants that suit your taste. Toxins from cleaning supplies, newly painted walls, or varnished furniture, etc. can cause you dizziness, fatigue nausea, etc. A recent study by the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, states that two widely available houseplants, namely the Janet Craig, a standing plant, and the Sweet Chico, a smaller table plant, can strip volatile organic compounds from the air.

5) Plants break down toxins in the rooms

Kyle Wallick, a botanical researcher at the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, DC, says that when plants take in oxygen and carbon dioxide they also pull in any toxins floating around in the air. The toxins travel through the plant, ending up near the roots and the bacteria in the soil break down the chemicals into nontoxic compounds that is used as plant food.



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