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October 18, 2011  by: befrindwithme26  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 639

This is the problems of many todays these divorce.It is sad and also painful.


In today's socities, the problems of much family today are relationship problems. And now, many are in broken families, destroyed, and also kids are being affected.
Some problems of getting broken family are misunderstanding, having other girl or boy partner, being board, no sweetness, no love, no care, no humbleness, not willing to take all the circumstances, pride, and others problems.
It is sad to hear of those kinds of situations that experience of some family that have been broken.

Woman's are easy to cry out, suffer, and that is because of had soft heart easy emotion.
What can we do about it, and how can we live by the partner long, and not getting divorce?
The choices is in us, and if we want to have happy family relationship, we should know how to care with and handle it and so that no divorce.

If you are not married, and planning, or married yet already, I can give you the advices to help you live a good and happy life.

To the planning to marry, or single, or having relationship:
First ,you should know the guy for long, the attitude, the actions towards you, the love for you, the care,honesty,how interested you, the sacrifices for you and hard work. Do not easy to marry with, but pray if that is the right person for you, and you will know it and also your love to him. I am sure that a person who is right for you, you will fall in love with and also in the right age for you and ready to get married with...
And just to be careful because not all boy or girl are true at the end and just at first they are looks so good but at the end they will leave you and divorce you..Always pray for the guidance, and also God direction for you.

For the family, having relationship for long and then suffering problems, every now and then I have the advice for you. I am sure that in those situations, it is hard to fix it especially you have problems, and wonder how to fix it and back to the normal happy families.
What I have to share with you is first calm down, think what is good positive way, remember all the good memories in the past. And plan to talk with your partner, and need to humble yourself, no pride talk about you love him/her, and want to have happy family and also have kids happy with you all. Start to love, and care your family, kid's husband, talk happy things. And the first need guidance, prayer that God will give you happy family, to have husband tot love you always.
And if you can't do it, well, you make the right plan, be wise. And it is already happen something like divorce, just accept all the happening, take all the pain, start to do things happy thoughts, and then if you have kids love your kids, and focus on it.And do not too stress, just be happy around with frriends,ask them good advices.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 10/20/2011    Points:3    

Divorce has become the way of modern life. Family life, which is the foundation of any healthy society is losing its hold. Family life is turning a think of the past in the western world and it is slowly shattering in the eastern world. The roots of family life is corroded by consumerism and commercialism. You have given a good advice for those who are single and going to marry. Thank you.

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