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Mother-In-Law Day Just Before Halloween

October 18, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 700

It is really funny or surprising to find Mother-in-law Day is observed on the fourth Sunday of October, just before Halloween Day. The relationship between a daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law has mostly been an element of friction and fraction.


Fourth Sunday of October is observed as Mother-in-law Day. It may be surprising to most of us why this day falls just before the scary Halloween. Is it because in most of cases the relationship between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law has not been smooth?

A day for the mothers-in-law

Mothers day is celebrated all over the world. Then came the Fathers Day. Mother-in-law Day was added in the later years in acknowledgement of mothers in law help in supporting family, especially in bringing up children. First media began to promote this day and in the recent decades it is observed as a family day.

In the US it is celebrated on Sunday of October, which incidentally falls before the Halloween. In Europe and other countries of the world it is observed on different days. Mothers-in-law are considered as some cruel and heartless matriarchs. Perhaps this day may provide an opportunity to reconcile the possible conflicts and the bad impression about in-law relationship.

Mother-In-Law Day is observed just before the Halloween

It may be surprising that mother-in-law is celebrated just before the Halloween Day and All Souls Day. Does it signify that the two in-laws look at each other as scary ghosts? Autumn brings changes in nature and society. Green leaves change their color into red and look as blood-thirsty monsters. During this season, world thinks of the under-world powers and departed souls.

Why there is friction between the two in-laws?

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been creating problems because when his new wife enters his house both his wife and mom look at each other as rivals. He seems to love his new wife more than his mom. Many problems arise because of this stress. Terri Apter, a psychologist at Cambridge University, has revealed through his research that more than 60% of women felt that friction with their husband's mother had caused them long-term stress. The new wife, who enters her husband's house with the hope of having her husband's whole love and care is baffled at the sharing person in the form of his mother. The mother of the husband also is baffled at the sudden change of her son through the "pillow mantra". This forms basis for many misunderstandings and disputes. Mother becomes an experienced matriarch and the new wife expects everything to be as per her direction. Conflict arises when both of them wrestle over whose way is best.

Mother-in-law of modern world

Joint families of previous decades have undergone much changes and relationships in families have become great question mark. Old patriarch family has reduced its size. Imposing ancestral homes and elaborate cooking hours have given way to two-room apartments and two-minute noodles. Family life itself is loosing its essence. Then what to say about the place of a mother-in-law in modern society?

Everything has become commodity, including family relationship. Every relationship is scaled on the balance of profit and selfishness. Commercialism and consumerism are playing vital role in every aspect of life. May the celebration of Mother-in-law Day open our eyes to build up relationships.


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