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Essential Discipline needed for High performance !

October 19, 2011  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: People  Earning $0.50   Views: 774

Concentrating and analysing certain disciplines and then making a plan of action as to how you can incorporate each of them into your daily life is bound to reap postive results...


There are some things that an individual needs to practicedto achieve a high level of efficiency which in turn helps a person in achieving a high level of performance . Certain disciplines we must develop if we want to achieve all that is possible . You can learn these disciplines through practice and repetition until they become routine .

Some of these disciplines are as follows..

First and foremost comes Goal Setting -

Every morning, taking three to five minutes to write out your top goals in the present tense helps a lot. Get a notebook specifically for this purpose. By writing out at least some of your goals at the beginning of each day, you will program them deep into your subconscious mind. It gets imprinted in ones mind and your actions are channelised towards achieving these goals.
This daily goal writing will also activate your mental powers. It will stimulate your mind and make you more alert. Throughout the day, you will see opportunities and possibilities to move more rapidly toward your goals.

The second important factor is Planning and Organizing-

Taking a few minutes each day , preferably the night before, to plan out every activity of the coming day can prove to be very productive . Always work from a list referring to it every now and then so that you dont overlook anything.Thinking on paper definitely helps. This is one of the most powerful and important disciplines of all for high performance. Planning and organizing before hand makes most things easier.

The third discipline needed is Priority Setting-

The essence of all time management, personal management, and life management is contained in your ability to set the proper priorities on the use of your time. This is essential for high performance. Once you sit and analyse your jobs according to their importanace , it becomes easier to prioritise the jobs .This way, you are making sure that must do jobs are finished well in advance thereby makinbg you stressfree.

The fourth point to be noted is Concentrating on the Highest-Value Activities-

Once we realise this and begin to work single-mindedly on our most important task , it will contribute as much to one's success as any other discipline we can develop. Single minded Cocentration is a very important factor that needs to be developed in children while they are still young,since it is absolutely essential in later life when they need to be competetive...

The fifth discipline required is Exercise and Proper Nutrition -

We need to always remember that our health is more important than anything else. By disciplining ourselves to exercise regularly and to eat carefully, we will promote the highest possible levels of health and fitness throughout our life. A stitch in time saves nine - this proverb also applies to health matters.When there is even a minor health complaint it should be attended immediately instead of being neglected.It may later become a major cause for concern.

The sixth discipline needed is Learning and Growth-

Oour mind is like a muscle. If it is not used as it should be we can lose it. Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field. Being menatlly alert and being aware of everything that goes on around you makes you an interesting and knowledgeable person. Dont limit yourself where knowledge is concerned .This gives a lot of mental strength and confidence to a person and helps in his all round growth.

The seventh discipline - Time for Important People in your Life-

Relationships are very important in life , in fact one can go to the extent of saying that they are everything. Like they say - Be sure that in climbing the ladder of success, you do not find it leaning against the wrong building ! It is essential to find time for your loved ones and build relationship into every day, no matter how busy you get with your career or work. Maintaining and nurturing Inter personal relationships is an art that needs to be carefully cultivated.

The above seven disciplines will ensure that you perform at the highest level and get the greatest satisfaction and results from everything you do. Concentrating and analysing these seven disciplines and then making a plan of action as to how you can incorporate each of them into your daily life is bound to reap postive results ..


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