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An Ayurveda Thought for Breast Cancer Month

October 19, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 60   Category: Health    Views: 706

The month of October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness month. all over the world. Every nation undertakes some activity to create awareness among women about the importance of early detection of breast cancer which is alarming the world as a challenging menace.


Pink dominates everywhere in the month of October, reminding the modern world the greatest challenge of breast cancer. Pink is the color denoting breast cancer and various programs are held all over the world to reduce breast cancer deaths. Statistics say that in the U.S. breast cancer death rates are higher than those for any other cancer, such as lung cancer and skin cancer. Another US study says that 2% of breast cancer deaths are being decreased every year in the recent years due to awareness programs and due to the reduced use of hormone replacement therapy.

The invincible monster cancer

Cancer is growing as a monstrous disease day by day killing people all over the world. The recent death of Apple's Steve Jobs has opened the eyes of the world to look at this monstrous disease cancer with great tremor. Among the women cancer patients more than 25% are
victims of breast cancer. Even in eastern world breast cancer is on the increase due to modern food habits and drug usage. Breast cancer has to be arrested in all possible ways. Alternative medicines, supporting conventional medicines, can be considered to treat the patients. This has to be approached in both ways, curative as well as preventive methods.

Ayurveda method

Ayurveda, an ancient medicinal system of India, treats all diseases in both curative and preventive ways. It gives more importance to the preventive aspect of health. A healthy lifestyle is insisted to balance the equilibrium of body humors (three doshas) before starting the actual curative treatment.

Ayurveda says that the balance of the body humors is much affected by modern food habits through the accumulated effect of synthetic hormones used food stuffs. For example, more synthetic hormones are used in the modern meat and dairy products, preservatives are used profusely in packaged foods and beverages, chemical pesticides are used in agriculture, and most of the people drink chlorinated water. Even the drugs such as birth control pills and other drugs contain synthetic hormones. Ayurveda tries to check this balance and then gives treatments to remove the problem.

Ayurveda remedies for breast cancer

1) Diet for breast cancer
Ayurveda starts with a strict diet for breast cancer. It consists of organically produced, whole and natural foods. Fresh foods which can keep the humors in balance are prepared under supervision.

2) Therapies used externally
Therapies such as massage therapy, yoga and exercises are included in Ayurvedic treatment for reducing and curing cancer. Medicated essential oils are used to reduce swellings, fibroids and lumps in the breast.

3) Use of harmless thermography
Thermography is used for early detection of breast cancer instead of mammography which has side effects of harmful radiation. This method is better than conventional mammography and has been proved reliable.

4) Use of Panchakarma
Panchakarma is an inevitable and effective treatment of Ayurveda which helps eliminating toxins from the body and rebuilding immunization.

5) Herbal remedies are used to support treatments and normalize metabolic processes such as appetite, elimination and sleep. Herbal supplements always support Ayurvedic treatments.

6) Internal treatment
Ayurvedic medicines prepared with herbals such as neem, purified guggulu, red clover, chaparral, burdock root, dandelion, aloe vera, etc. are given internally to check the abnormal cancer cell growth and to reduce the disease.

7) Holistic treatment
Ayurveda gives a holistic treatment. Conventional medicines treat mainly the symptoms and may not be bothered about removing the cause of a disease.They give only temporary relief since the cause of the disease is not treated.


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