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Twelve Healing Benefits of Reciting Rosary

October 21, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 359

The month of October is observed by the Catholics all over the world as the month of Holy Rosary. It is a special way of contemplating on Jesus, "the Word that was made flesh and had his tent pitched among us" through Mary.


Catholics observe October as the month of Rosary. Reciting Rosary is not a mere ritual or some religious recitation. It is not simply a continued recitation of a number off Hail Marys and other prayers. Rosary is a many-faceted devotion of meditation of different truths of Faith particularly related to Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of humanity, and his life on this earth in connection with Mother Mary and others. It is a healing panacea that has many physical, mental and spiritual healing benefits.

Physical healing benefits (Body)

1) Using beads or fingers for counting has been practiced from ancient times in recitation of mantra or repeated prayers. This repetition gives a rhythm to the body and mind regulating breathing. By oral recitation of Rosary, breathing is regulated and slowed to a rate of about 6 breaths per minute compared to spontaneous breathing and random talking.

2) While counting prayers using beads or fingers, the yoga mudra points in the fingers are engaged in a yogic posture called Gnana Mudra. It is a posture of thumb touching the tip of index finger. This posture can yield many physical and mental healings.

3) Yoga Sutras say that this is a mudra of knowledge, as it enhances the knowledge by inducing nerve points. The tip of thumb has nerve points of pituitary and endocrine glands. When these points are pressed by the index finger and other fingers, these two glands are stimulated.

4) This yoga mudra of rolling beads or touching with the tips of fingers can also increase memory power and sharpen the brain.

5) The British Medical Journal reports state that Rosary prayer and yoga mantras may be good for the heart through calming down the nerves and reducing stress. Regulation of breathing enhances the heart rate variability and arterial baroflex sensitivity.

6) If this mudra is practiced regularly, it can heal all psychological disorders, such as mental and hysterical, and can also control anger and depression which cause many diseases.

7) Modern man is restless and unable to get sleep. Experience of thousands of people points out that reciting Rosary with proper concentration can provide good sleep and prevent insomnia.

8) Psychological benefits (Mind)

Praying the Rosary and meditation on the mysteries of Jesus promote positive thinking and helps our minds become more united with God. Through regular Rosary prayer, a person can experience significant improvement in his overall mental health.

9) It increases the power of focus and attention and provides a clear vision to the mind freeing the mind from distractions and negative thoughts.

10) As stated above, praying Rosary concentrating the mysteries of the life of Jesus relieves depression, fear and anxiety and fills the mind with a fresh energy and encouragement.

Spiritual benefits (Soul)

11) Recitation of Rosary strengthens the spiritual power through strengthening faith in God. Mother Teresa has pointed out many a time that she derived strength from the Crucifix and Rosary she always carried with her.

12) Concentrating on the mysteries of Rosary makes one to go deep into the redemptive plan of God. Joyful mysteries reflect on the incarnation and hidden life of Jesus, sorrowful mysteries focus on the sufferings and passion, glorious mysteries bring before us triumphant resurrection and glorification of Lord Jesus and the mysteries of Light reflect on the public ministry of Jesus. Thus praying Rosary is an inspiration and incentive for a Christian life.


Author: prithiviputra        
Posted Date: 10/24/2011    Points:2    

Very good articles. Sages of the past have said that breathing gets regularized once all the thoughts are cut as and when they arise. That is why the Yoga aphorism goes 'Yogah Chitta Vritti Nirodhah'.

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