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The First Ten Steps in First Aid

October 21, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 30   Category: Health    Views: 844

First aid is the immediate lifesaving treatment given in an emergent situation before the patient is hospitalized or taken to a doctor. The first few minutes after an accident are very essential to save life. In the fast lifestyle knowledge of first aid is very essential for every one.


In the modern world of fast lifestyle, life can be at great risk at any time. Accidents can happen anywhere at anytime. They may be fatal if immediate attention is not given. A stove may burst in the kitchen spraying kerosene, your child may fall down the steps fracturing his leg, your mom may slip in the bathroom and sprain her knee, or your neighbor may fall to the ground in epileptic fits. An emergency is created with frantic calls.

According to St. John Ambulance, up to 150,000 people die needlessly in Britain alone every year because of delayed treatment. Hence it is necessary that every one should have the basic knowledge to react in such common situations. It is stated that in England, the target response time for life threatening emergencies is just eight minutes, and that only about 75 % of all incidents. This time is crucial enough time for a casualty to become a corpse!

First Ten Steps in First aid

1) ABC of first aid

If the victim is in an unconscious state check his ABC first- A= Airway, B= Breathing and C= Check pulse. Give artificial respiration and revive breathing.

2) Do not move an injured person

Do not move an injured person, particularly if the injuries are the result of a fall, crash or any other violence, unless it is absolutely necessary to save his life. Do not encourage him to sit up. If his spine is injured or any internal injury had occurred, movement may be fatal.

3) Act fast

Quick action is very essential in bleeding situations, or if he has swallowed poison, or if his breathing is stopped because of drowning, etc. Every second counts. If a person is without breathing for just three minutes he may die and hence artificial breathing should be given.

4) Start first aid if the situation is not very critical

In most cases you can start first aid by making him lie down quietly. If he has vomited and if there is no neck injury, turn his body and head to one side to prevent choking. Keep him warm with blankets. But do not overheat or apply external heat.

5) Call for medical help

Medical help should be sought as early as possible while you are applying first aid. The doctor should be informed about the emergency and should be asked about immediate action till he arrives.

6) Examine the patient gently

In incidents of injury or fire the patient should be handled very carefully not causing increase of pain while moving or removing clothes, etc.

7) Reassure and encourage the victim

Help the victim to keep calm by encouraging and assuring him all help. Your calm may lessen his fear and panic and convince him things are under control. Such reassurance will allay shock and hasten recovery.

8) Be ready to treat a shock

You should expect shocks of any kind and should be ready to handle carefully.

9) Do not force fluids or anything in unconscious state

Never try to force fluids or food items on unconscious or semiconscious state. They may enter into the windpipe and cause suffocation. Do not also rouse an unconscious person by slapping or shaking or shouting.

10) Have a first aid kit with you

Learn methods of first aid and keep a first aid kit at your nearest reach with necessary equipments. Label them clearly so that you need not waste time. But never act as a doctor. Your part is just to act immediately and save in an emergency.


Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 10/28/2011    Points:1    

Right said Paulose, one should have knowledge of first aid in emergency.

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