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Twenty Tips to Keep You Fit and Active Everywhere

October 22, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Health    Views: 593

Fitness matters very much in modern life. Life has become hectic and fast with a load of problems and running after unnecessary things. But this life does not spare a few minutes for maintaining ones own health. As a result, tension, depression, obesity, and what not? You can stay fit and healthy if you just plan and do things.


Sedentary life and obesity are the rewards for the modern mechanic life. Modern life style has made people couch potatoes. Physical exercises have been lost their place and value in this hectic and fast life. Is it possible to stay fit and active? Yes, it is possible. Staying fit and active at home, at work or even while you are traveling or doing other works is possible if you just follow these tips.

Twenty tips to keep you fit and active

Stay fit at home

1) Combine exercises with others activities at home. Daily chores can make you active. Try to do housework yourself instead of hiring someone.

2) Spend some time in garden. Raking leaves, pruning, picking up trash, etc. can keep you active.

3) Go for a short walk before breakfast and after dinner. Start with just five minutes and increase your walking time up to 30 minutes. Prefer walking to driving.

4) When you are watching TV, spend a few minutes to pedal your bicycle. Instead of sending an errand for your drink, you can get off the couch and get it yourself.

5) Stretch your body to reach things in high places and bend or squat to look at things at floor level.

Stay fit at work

6) Work takes up a significant part of your day. Most of your work is sedentary. Hence find ways and means to have a few physical activities during your work.

7) Project ideas can be discussed with your colleague while taking a walk. Walk down to talk with someone nearby rather than using the telephone.

8) Stairs can be preferred rather than elevator. A little amount of physical exercise can be given to the body by climbing at least a few steps.

9) During business trips the fitness center swimming pool can be utilized for an exercise.

10) Walking around your office building, at least during lunch hours will provide you a break.

Stay fit during travel

11) Travel has become inevitable in today's life. Travel for office business, travel for family purposes and travel for recreation have become a part of life. Try to make use of opportunities for short walks.

12) Always take your walking shoes and swimming wear with you when you go on travels. Most of the hotels have swimming pools and gym spots.

13) Even if you do not take things for exercises, you can do some yoga exercises such as sun salutation exercise. It is simple and easy to learn and practice.

14) Simple exercises such as push-ups, crunches and squats do not require any gadget and can be practiced anywhere.

15) Sitting for a long time should be avoided during travels. Some stretching exercises can be practiced even while traveling.

Stay fit at play

16) Recreation and play should have a place in your fast modern lifestyle. They are very important for both body and mind.

17) Family outings and vacations must be included in your life schedule. Physical activities like cycling and swimming can make your outing entertaining.

18) Have some friends with whom you can fix and share a time for enjoying your favorite physical activities.

19) Sightseeing by walking, bicycling and jogging are always interesting activities.

20) Playing music while doing exercises is very useful to provide peace of mind and to refresh your nerves.



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