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Ten Essential Tips to Trick Halloween and Treat Your Health

October 22, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 1012

Halloween is around. With it come many a ghost of allergies and health hazards. It is a warning season of health care and protection. Make this year's Halloween a more pleasant and safer one.


Halloween is the season of fun for both children and parents. Hence they look forward to the longest holidays of the year, starting with Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and the New Year. Both parents and children look forward to the season of fun with costumes, partying, trick-or treating and feasting on the chocolates and candies.

The day of 'Trick or Treat' is to entertain you; but it should not lead you to unnecessary problems and health hazards. It is best to be prepared not only for the fun but also for safety and well-being. The following tips will make your holiday season a pleasant fun and safe merrymaking.

Ten tips to make the 'Day of Trick or Treat' a healthy fun

1) Beware of the cold weather
The weather of Halloween day, celebrated on the last day of October may be cold and exposure to this weather may be inclement. So make sure to find ways to keep the trick-or-treaters warm and comfortable. Cold weather may cause allergies.

2) Uncontrolled eating may affect health
It is advisable to give the kids a good snack or meal before trick-or-treat time as this will avoid their overeating. Kids, who are fond of sweets and candies, may be tempted to consume too much candy from their Halloween loot bags. They should be properly advised not to eat too many candies or treats along the way.

3) Tooth problems
The most obvious health hazard of Halloween is tooth decay by eating a lot of candies. Sugar coated candies and chocolates may be harmful for their teeth.

4) Advise to collect the candies
Parents may suggest the kids to collect all the candies and other treats and select which one are good enough to eat. This will help their habit of control. Advise them that some home-made foods might be contaminated and may have choking hazards

5) Useful things can be kept
Parents can be exemplary by giving away treats like stickers, pencils, small toys, crayons, and other useful and fun stuff together with candies instead of gums and marshmallows

6) Chocking hazards of 'Trick or Treat'
'Trick or Treat' may cause chocking hazards. Usually the treats given include gum, peanuts and hard candies. They may be harmful to kids, critical especially for kids younger than five years. Balloons are also a choking hazard for young children who need the attention of the parents and elders.

7) Take precaution to carry safety things
Since the children walk in dark night, it should be ensured that each child carries a flashlight to have a good vision. The costume should fit well and should not drag on the ground or waiting to trip someone. Masks should be noticed if they obstruct kid's vision.

Be careful about the hazard things

8) Dangerous things such as stapler pins, pins sticking in candy wrappers, needles in foods may endanger kids. Children who are not accompanied by an adult may be injured or bullied by older children or predators. Ensure also about the safety of the costumes.

9) Unsafe candies and toffees
Don't allow your children to eat any homemade treats such as popcorn balls unless you are absolutely sure you know who made the treat and that it is completely safe.

10) 'Trick or treat' only in familiar houses
Never allow the children go to unfamiliar places or houses. It is safer to allow the children to familiar houses in your own neighborhood. Some times pets in unfamiliar houses may harm the kids.



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