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October 23, 2011  by: Rajendra  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 1524

Orientation preparation is necessary to success in any competitive exam, its not exception for bank exams. A challenging career is awaiting for those who can work with dedication for 3 to 6 months.


According to INDIAN BANKING PERSONNEL CHAIRMAN, by 2014 Indian nationalised banks (other than State bank of India, and its associate banks) will recruit almost 7 to 7.5 lakh jobs. It's a wonderful opportunity to those who want to enjoy their career in banking sector.
Merely desire never helps to enter into the banking industry. Three to six months dedication preparation and orientation towards exam will give fruitful results. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for this competitive exam.

Reasoning: Expect the reasoning, other areas of questions are part and parcel of academic career. So it is the new one for all the candidates. Various that are being asked in this area are
? Alphabet test
? Blood relations
? Syllogism
? Coding-decoding
? Analytical reasoning
? Inequalities
? Directions
? Data sufficiency
? Questions on calendar, date and time
? Symbols-notations and last but not least
Questions are of simple type. All these can be answered very easily, but here time factor is very important. So candidates need to understand concept clearly and design his/her own technique.

For instance questions from Alphabet test have been given along with short cut method.
Pattern of questions: which letter is 21st in alphabets?
Sol: it's easy to find the answer for the above question. Simply write alphabets A, B, C, D, And so on and now count. The answer is 'U'. But regular method consumes time. In this examination, hardly 40-50 seconds is available to answer. So student has to adopt a shortcut method.

SHORT CUT METHOD: Remember "EJOTY" they are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 letters consecutively. Now one can answer easily if they remember well. If examiner asks 21st letter, no need to count from A. one can directly start from T. because to is 20th letter, and the letter asked was 21st one.

For all the chapters students have to devise their methods and need to practise those methods thoroughly.

ARITHMATIC: the questions in this area are of at the level of 8th to 10th. Such as AVERAGES, PARTNERSHIP, SIMPLE INTEREST, COMPOUNT INTEREST, TIME AND DISTANCE, TIME AND WORK, PROBLEMS ON TRAINS, BOATS AND STREAMS, PERCENTAGES, RATIO AND PROPORTION, MENSURATION, PERMUTATION AND COMBINATION, PROBABILITY.. etc. to answer these questions students are required to understand the concept properly, and they can follow short cuts. Thousands of methods are available, furnished in various books in the market. But the short cuts can be applied well only when one is good at concepts. Hence its better to open school standard books and revising once again before going to short cut techniques.
ENGLISH: Questions will be on COMPREHENSION, ERRORS, CLOZE TEST, JUMBLED SENTENCES, RAPID FILLERS, SYNONYMS, ANTONYMS, PHRASAL VERBS, and IDIOMS. One needs to thoroughly prepare various grammar rules and their application in writing. For this any high school grammar book is sufficient. But its better to read regularly English dailies in order to understand quickly the questions in COMPREHENSION part.

GENERAL AWARENESS: in these section questions can be asked from various areas , they are
? Questions on Banking
? Questions on Basic Economy
? Questions on recent developments in Banking Industry
? Questions on recent developments in Economic scenario
? Latest developments in Science and Technology
? Questions on CURRENT SPORTS
COMPUTERS: All the banks at present are computerised, hence this part included. In this part questions from various such as hard ware, Ms-Office, Internet, Computer security concepts are important.

Students need to complete the concepts in all areas in just 10-15 days, and then one needs to write one complete exam in IBPS pattern, followed by checking KEY and reading explanations. Its necessary to continue the tempo right from the first day to till get the selection.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 11/06/2011        

great article ..pl write more..it is very useful to develop skills.
Author: Aakash Agarwal        
Posted Date: 05/26/2013    Points:13    

Every individual sitting for these exams has a great load on his or her mind. They are full of tension as they all want to get through these exams in a decent way. But, instead of panic, they should calm themselves and put all their concentration on a single thing, at a time. It is a bit difficult but not impossible. If tried it could be done. "Survival of the fittest" is what happens in these examinations. But don''t give up if you fail to do it at the first go. Rather keep on appearing in such exams so that you are through with the style of how these competitions are. In this world which is full of competitor''s hard work, dedication, and luck all play an equally important role.

The different kinds of Entrance Exams in various educational fields are (a)For Engineering 1.AIEEE - All India Engineering Entrance Examination 2.NERIST - (NEE) Entrance Examination 3 Karunya University Entrance Exam [ BTech, BE ] (b)For Medical Stream 1.AIIMS - All India Institute of Medical Sciences Examination 2.AFMC - Armed Forces Medical College Exam 3.AIPMT - All India Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Entrance Examination (c)For MBA 1.CAT- Common Admission Test 2.MAT- Management Aptitude Test 3.GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test, Pharmacy Entrance Test and Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET)-2010, for IAS and defense services UPSC Exam, SSC exam for recruitment of staff in different government organizations, Bank Exams for t Bank Clerk and Bank PO officer, Indian Council of Agricultural Research Examination Result, Joint Entrance Examination Councils, Lucknow.

For students coming from varied educational backgrounds go for these examinations. If you apply in these competitive examinations you can easily come to know your abilities, skills and capabilities to perform a given task in specific areas.

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