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Autumn Cleaning-- 10 Tips

October 23, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 686

October is said to be the cleaning month in autumn. The ostensible reason is the approach of the festival season. While western world gets ready for the long holiday season, eastern world also prepares for festivals like Diwali. Cleaning in the modern busy life is a very hectic task.


Middle season of autumn requires hectic cleaning. Nature gets ready for a winter rest and sheds all leaves for a fresh start. The arrival of festival season demands cleaning in and outside of the houses. In the west, long holiday season begins with Halloween, All Saints' Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year. In the east, festivals like Diwali, Durga Pooja, etc., are celebrated.

It makes the householders busy themselves in cleaning and tidying their surroundings. Another reason in the east for this cleaning is the receding monsoon season leaving behind damp, mildew and fungus formations on walls and furniture. Gardens are over laden with water-clogged puddles, with grass and plants grown everywhere.

Here are ten tips to make your autumn cleaning easier and less stressful.

1) Plan ahead

Survey the mess and plan well how to finish the cleaning work easily and perfectly. There may be things that should be disposed, things that are to be preserved for next summer, and furniture arrangement needed for the winter.

2) Dispose all unwanted

Throw out or dispose all unwanted articles which have cluttered the place in the past year. Go through the clothes closets and keep everything in order. Summer clothes can be kept separately for later use. Discard unusable things. Just think if piling up those things would be of any use.

3) Clean kitchen and arrange things neatly

The kitchen cupboards and other shelves should be cleaned and vacuumed. Spraying liquids can destroy the cockroaches and other insects. Store room and attics also should be cleaned.

4) Do some necessary repairs

Once the areas are free from junk, you can find out if any repair work needed anywhere. If possible you can undertake the minor repairs with the help of the family members. If necessary, skilled workers may be called for. Engage reliable persons for your work.

5) Safety first

When you engage outsiders you should be careful about your things at home, especially your jewelry and valuable things. Care must be taken not to damage costly equipments by rash handling or carelessness.

6) Cover the furniture

While repairing or painting, the furniture should be shrouded with thick cloth or tarpaulin. Curtains, drapes, carpets and rugs may be rolled or stacked, keeping the safe from damage. It may be a good time to give then for dry-cleaning.

7) Avoid casualties

Crockery in the kitchen can be packed in boxes. Kitchen equipments should be kept in safety to avoid casualties and loss of money.

8) Do the cleaning and painting in an order

All the cleaning work should be carried out in an order so that unnecessary waste of time and energy may be avoided. First, the walls and ceilings can be tackled followed by windows and doors. Floors can be the last.

9) First inside and then outside

When the interior works are finished, outside area can be attended. Outside walls, garden fence, etc., can be attended in order.

10) Take proper rest in intervals

This cleaning work should not soil your health and cause you sickness. Your cleaning may take some days and you may have to attend office work simultaneously. Proper planning will protect you from unnecessary stress and strain. After doing all these things and arranging everything in order, you will, definitely, have a peaceful mental satisfaction.

'Cleanliness is next to godliness'. Living in clean and tidy home without junk and clutter assures you health and peace of mind.



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