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Mother Mary, Help Us in Finding Jesus

October 23, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 636

The Holy Bible says that Mary is the mother of Jesus. She had to undergo a lot of troubles and sorrows to bring him up. Pains and privations brought her nearer to Jesus. She has to help me to bring Jesus nearer to me.


O Mary, Mother of Jesus, I say that I am a Christian. I say that I follow Christ and his commandments. But, in fact, I have lost him somewhere. I do not know where I lost him and how I lost him. But one thing is certain that somehow I have lost him. I am groping in the darkness of sin without him, the eternal light who told, "I am the Light."(John 8:12)

How have I lost Jesus?

The answer to this question is not known to me. So also I am sure many Christians have lost Jesus. The Christian life that we lead is only some liturgical rituals and observations. Jesus Christ is not in most of our lives. We just praise with our lips. Our minds are carried away by worries and other selfish thoughts. We are always scared of out tomorrows. Our love towards our neighbor is profit-motivated. We always calculate what will be the share of gain. We seek for the Glorious Jesus and never a Jesus with Crucifix.
Mother Mary, can you help us find Jesus?

Mother of Jesus

Jesus was entrusted to Mary to conceive him, deliver him after pregnancy and to protect him throughout his life. Whenever there was danger to his life she took every effort to safeguard him. When king Herod searched him to kill in his infancy she ran away to Egypt and stayed there till the danger was over. She was always aware of the prophetic words of the elderly man Simeon who took Mary's babe in his wrinkled old hands out of the arms of Mary and said that his eyes had seen God's salvation. He was filled with joy to find Jesus in the Temple.

Mother Mary who found Jesus

Again it was Mary who found Jesus in the Temple when he was lost for three days. As a boy of twelve years, Jesus was missed by Mary. Joseph, Mary and boy Jesus went the Jerusalem Temple. But while returning, Mary found out that Jesus had not come with them. It was their custom to make the pilgrimage in different groups, men and women going in separate lines. Children can accompany either. Mary was not sure how Jesus was missed and where he was missed. Both Joseph and Mary had to roam about for three days in search of Jesus. They found him on the third day. The separation should have been a torture to the devoted mother. But she found him out in the Jerusalem Temple. Can I find Jesus in such a Temple?

Mother Mary help me find Jesus

O Mom Mary, without Jesus I my life is dark and scary. Without Jesus, my life is lonely and hopeless. Without Jesus, my Christian life is fake and meaningless.
Please help me find Jesus in my life.



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