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Ten Encouraging Tips for Children to Succeed

October 24, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 30   Category: Others    Views: 1242

Life has undergone much change in the modern computer era. Children are easily provoked. Their emotional reactions lead to more disasters. Parents should realize that they need patient and positive approach in treating their children.


Parenting is a wonderful experience. Education is one of the major areas where special pressure is placed on children, especially in India. Parents want their children to excel in their performance in school. For that they adapt all the four methods of exhorting suggested in the ancient Vedas; those four methods are admonishing, comparing with others, coaxing and punishing. The modern busy lifestyle makes the exhausted parents lose their temper and take up negative methods in parenting.

Encouraging with sincere love only can bring success. Today's childhood is forced to yield to the clockwork of pseudo-adult life. Children are under equal pressure 'to succeed' in everything. This substitution of forced growth makes these children become dejected in life. They should be encouraged patiently to approach everything positively and face failures with a positive outlook.

Ten tips to encourage your children

1) Encourage the children to grow in knowledge

Parents, especially in India, are more bothered about the performance of their children in school. Marks are the deciding factor of success in this country. Hence they force the children to overwork to gain more marks. But the real purpose of education is to acquire knowledge and succeed in personality development. Hence children should be encouraged to grow in real knowledge which is not contained only in the school text books.

2) Dining table is an ideal place to encourage children

A good place to coach children in positive approach is the dining table where all the family members should sit together at least once in a day and foster up healthy communication. Nowadays children are more occupied by television and other modern attractions than listening to their parents. Parents may utilize the dining table to express their love to their children and encourage them with affectionate guidance.

3) Develop the skill to communicate

Communication develops relationship. It is the basic of success. Parents should initiate the children into the basics of communication skills. John Powell wrote, "A relationship will be only as good as its communication." Hence, what is at stake for our children is the quality of relationships they build at home and school. Only this formation is developed and is exposed later in their family life and in working place.

4) Understand children and make them understand

Parents should, by their encouraging relationship, develop effective communication which includes understanding and being understood. This needs clarity in thinking and conveying these clear thoughts in simple, short sentences.

5) Encourage listening habit

Listening is very essential for success in life. To understand what others express, children must listen. Listening is done with a heart that integrates heart, head and hand- heart to empathize, head to understand the message and hand to reach out in understanding and friendship. Listening does not come easily, because most often we pay scant attention to what others express, busy with our own thoughts.

6) Encourage children to have interest in others

The habit of getting interested in others' should be trained from childhood. 'Charity begins at home.' This habit comes mainly by the encouraging and exemplary life of parents. When there is genuine interest in others, we tend to listen to their words and feelings. We watch their body language, which gives added meaning. Real interest in others is respecting their points of view and their feelings. When our children acquire this skill they will minimize conflicts and increase goodwill.

7) Train to face rejection

The children should be able to realize how if others will feel when they are rejected. The parents should explain why children should be prompt in replying others.

8) Discourage using foul language

Sometimes children may pick up foul language, swearing words and obscene gestures from their peers and adults. Parents and elders should stop them immediately explaining them how they will affect their life.

9) Train sincerity with positive encouraging

Sometimes children may happen to pilfer things from others due to ignorance. They should be corrected with good advice. Even in small things appreciate them for sincerity and train them in their accountability. This will help them value things.

10) Give children positive and negative feedback

Children should be trained to analyze situations. Very child has some positive and very strong qualities in them which they should identify and motivate. They should also be aware of their drawbacks which they should accept optimistically. They should not be oversensitive or emotional to negative feedback. It can be attained only by practice.



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