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Seven Types of Birthmarks that Foretell Your Future

October 24, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Others    Views: 691

Birthmarks are personal identification marks with which infants are born. They may be a raised or flat discolored skin that is visible on the skin of a baby at birth. Though not yet scientifically proved the birth mark are said to foretell the future of the baby.


It is said that every child is born with one or two birthmarks on its skin. Studies say that more than one in every 10 children has these birthmarks. It may be a small mole or a larger area of colored pigmentation of the skin. They are harmless marks and may vary in size and color. They are found in bluish-gray, brown or pinkish colors. Scientists say that it may be a development during gestation period or in the first few months of a baby's life. They may also be hereditary.

Science says that the birthmarks form as the result of an abnormal development of a blood or lymphatic vessel. Some birth marks show for sometime and after some weeks or months they fade and disappear. But most of them stay on the skin for life. The surprising factor of this birthmark is that no birthmark is similar to another one.

Can these birthmarks predict future?

From ancient days, people have been fostering the belief that these birthmarks have something to foretell about the future of the child. All the ancient literatures have details about this belief.

Seven types of birthmarks

1) Black or brown spots

Spots can be single or appear in multiples which can be of permanent tan or brown patches. There may be discoloration of skin in small or big patches. Most of the babies have this kind of birthmark which can change in shape as the babies grow.

2) Mole

A mole is a raised or flat mark on the skin. It varies in size and appearance. They can be smooth or hairy. They may be found in black or brown color. Large ones are called nevi.

3) Bluish spots

These bluish or greenish types of spots do not stay for long. Generally they fade and disappear by the time the child goes to school. But till there may also be some trace of mark in the skin.

4) Angel Kiss marks

This type of birthmark is generally seen on the back of the neck or over the eyelids of the baby. It is blotchy and purple or pink in color. This is caused mainly by the overgrowth of capillary veins. This type of birthmark fades and disappears in the first year itself.

5) Port wine stains

This type of birthmark looks like a large berry-colored port wine stain. It is commonly found on the face or the head of the baby and is a permanent one.

6) Strawberry hemangiomas

This type of mark is a raised crimson mark that looks like a strawberry. About ten percent of the babies have this kind of strawberry hemangiomas marks which may grow and generally disappear by age ten.

7) Bluish-red mass mark

This type of birth is called Cavernous hemangiomas, which grows rapidly during the first six months of the baby. After that they gradually shrink in size and disappear in the adolescent period.

Although these birthmarks are not dangerous, some types like hemangiomas and port wine stain can be problematic and lead to cancerous growth. Nowadays, beauticians try to remove these birthmarks which may cause dangerous results.

Can these birthmarks predict your future?

Though it is not yet proved scientifically, there has been a strong belief that these birthmarks are an omen for prosperity.

For example, an Ancient Greek Manual about body marks says that if there is a mark on the forehead of a man he will be master of many men and if it is on the forehead of a woman, the woman will be a great ruler or administrator. If there is a mark on the cheek of a man, he will be rich and on the cheek of a woman on the lower portion of the jaw, she will be emotional.

Indian traditions say that if there is a birthmark on the cheek of a woman she is lucky and will have a prosperous life. Indian literatures like 'Samuthrika Lakshana' narrate a lot of stories about these birthmarks. There are also some traditional beliefs say that they are birthmarks of re-incarnation. Whatever may be the tradition, definitely there is a link between these birthmarks and future life.



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