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An Ode to Halloween

October 25, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Others    Views: 609

Halloween is the festival of all those who lived before us. Death seems to be an end. But in reality it is just a transformation.


Enjoy this Halloween in Jesus

A life lived imitating Jesus

Enjoying the 'Emmanuel' in Jesus!

Dying daily to self and

Living daily, rising to values

Seasoning one's faith with Gospel values!

Values based on Gospel teachings

To be transformed and to transform others,

To move forward with valor and vigor

A regular commitment beyond all moods

To hold on to Christ in times good and bad

Enriching life with love of neighbor and love of God

The pilgrim Christian! As an instrument in the hands of God

Towards the full blossoming of the Kingdom of God!

Christian death

For us Christians is there death in life?

Only in death life is conceived

Christ has rid death of its sting and power,

By resurrection he gave life an inner power;

Death, though a price for sin, is only a door

Leading the believer into eternity!

Tomb is no more the fatal end mark,

But only a reminder of a resting palace

Of an eternal journey!

Neither a tomb nor a graveyard

Can frighten a person of Christian of faith

For he hopes beyond death and grave!

Living with Jesus who died to save!

Christian purification

October asks us 'trick or treat'

But November reminds us all departed

All the saints who share the bliss

And all the souls that suffer in purifying

Awaiting for our loving prayers,

A time to think and thank God for life

Valuing the present life that we have!

Not live to die but die to live

'A grain of wheat' between death and bliss

We live for others- all to be purified

To remove the hindrances those block the way.

Purification of us and others

By bearing the daily pains we have

Offering prayers and charities

Thus we join the lives of past

The winners glorified God on earth

They fought to the end and remained faithful

And crowned by God with eternal bliss!

They believed and loved God and others

And show us the path of faith in God

Telling us heaven is not a place to reach

But a state of life that we must live in love!



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