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October 26, 2011  by: ABINASH  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.35   Views: 530

It is a most contagious disease and very painful one which accounts for high death rate in the world


It is regarded as the dreadful killer of the 21st century.In the developed countries,it is next to cardiac diseases,as far as the virulence is concerned.By the end of 20th century,out of 50 million deaths in the world per year,5 million was due to cancer.The most common cancer in human males is oral and throat cancer while in females it is cedrvical and breast cancer.Cancer is characterized by:
1.abnormal rates of division cell
2.ability of these divided cells to invade adjacent tissues
3.eventual death due to failure in interrupting this rapid division of cells.
There are different kinds of cancer sucha s:-
1)Lung Cancer- common in males
2)Cervical Cancer- females only
3)Breast Cancer- females only
4)Bone Cancer- Both the sexes
5)Rectal Cancer- -do-
6)Lymphomas- -do-
7)Leukaemia- -do-
8)Stomach Cancer- -do-

It has been surveyed that Females are more prone to cancer than to males.About 50% of the total cases of cancer of uterine cervix in females and oropharynx in both males and females.

1.smoking of tobacco,consumption of alcohol,air pollution.
2.Consumption of smoked fish may lead to stomach cancer,consumption of high fat diet may cause breast cancer
3.Due to viral infection
4.Occupational factors like exposure to x-rays,cardium,arsenic may also cause cancer.

No treatment has yet been developed to cure cancer.CHEMOTHERAPY and RADIATION THERAPY are two common methods of treatment to arrest mitosis of affected cells.An early detection can make the disease curable but a late detection after metastis,chances of survival are nil.HORMONE THERAPY has been used to treatment of cancer.Recently a new drug calle DOXIL with doxorobicin has been found successful in killing cancer tissue.


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