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Ten Tips to Spare at least 15 Minutes for Your Own Health

October 26, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 733

You are caught in the hectic running of modern life. Everything is fast. You have to run after the minute hand of the clock. You work for others, for your family, for the society, and so on. But do you spare and spend at least a few minutes for your own?


You are on the move in the trend of busy modern life. You put in a longer-than-eight-hour duty, hurry-burry cooking, hectic driving, gulping something in a hurry, and rushing for everything in great struggle to squeeze out a few minutes! But still you are unable to spend a few minutes leisurely for your own health and peace of mind! Is it not possible to gain a few minutes for your own delightfulness? It is, if you just try a little!

You have a heavy list of to-do to carry out everyday. You are fixed targets in your office. Your partner and children have pressed you with obligations which you cannot neglect. You have scheduled appointments which you cannot escape. Yet you have to carve out at least 15 minutes as your own.

Ten Tips to spare a few minutes as your own

1) Mapping your day

Spend a few minutes in the morning in planning the day. Studies prove that spending 10 minutes mapping out your day will save your time considerably. Harold Tailor, a Toronto-based time management consultant, says, "Though you may not get absolutely everything done, you may get the right things done." While planning, do not forget to spare at least 30 minutes for your daily exercise or yoga.

2) Do not hesitate to say 'no'

For some works you may have to say 'no' and you should not feel guilty about taking a pass on a work. Adding your pile of work will only spoil your normal work.

3) Fix deadlines

Fix shorter deadlines for works allotted with more time. For example, if you have to finish a work in an hour, you fix a deadline of 30 minutes and be serious in carrying it out. If you waste the first 30 minutes, you will lose the second half time also. If you are particular that you have only 30 minutes to finish that work, you will focus and finish the job quickly, ignoring the distractions.

4) Have a list affixed on your fridge

Your day's plan or your weekly schedule can be affixed on your fridge so that you may be prepared for it and will help you to avoid last minute rush. This will help you to spare a few minutes for your own leisure.

5) Organize things

Mere planning is not enough. You have to arrange and keep everything in order. That will save much of your time. Most of us waste time in searching for things.

6) Check your mails at fixed hours

There are some people who check their mails often and reply them immediately. This habit consumes much time. Researches say that every single interrupts about two minutes. Fix a time to check the mails and reply them.

7) Use a 'Do not disturb' sign

There is nothing wrong in making others know that you need sometime for your own and using a sign 'Do not disturb' may be a timely reminder for others to allow you to spare your time.

8) Haste is waste

Doing things in a hurry may cause redoing and waste time unnecessarily. For example, when you do your laundry, do it slowly and perfectly. Just think doing again will cost your time.

9) Make use of equipments to minimize time

Nowadays, there are many facilities to carry out things easily. For example, you can make use of phone or e-orders to get groceries and save time.

10) Stay focused

This habit will save you from getting diverted from your purpose and waste time. It commonly happens during shopping hours. You will be easily side-tracked by an overwhelming number of options. Hence sticking to particular stores of your selection will gain your time.


Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 11/17/2011    Points:1    

Amazing schedule Paulose, it saves a lot of time and provides you with a good extra time for yourself.

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