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Tailless animals

July 06, 2010  by: KRIS  Points: 5   Category: Environment    Views: 2965

Fun facts related to animal tails.


Giraffes not only have the longest necks but also the longest tails in the animal kingdom.

A Kangaroo can't jump if you hold its tail off the ground because it uses its tail for balance.

Goats hold their tails up while walking whereas sheep's tails hang down when they walk.

Tailless animals are sought after by people in several parts of the world. In many countries it is considered fashionable to keep tailless Manx cats as pets. These cats cost several thousand dollars.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 07/16/2010    Points:3    

But there are a differences between Goats and sheep.

Goat can think intelligently and it will escape from different situations or danger.
Whereas Sheep are not like that. It needs a leader. You may have seen that,goats will lead the Sheep, and Goats will ahead always.

Thanks for sharing info

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