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Health Hazards that Follow Festivals

October 26, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.30   Views: 1198

Festivals and holidays are enjoyment and refreshment. They should be occasions of building up your energy. But in most cases they create health problems and unnecessary worries.


Every season in every region has festivals and cultural entertainments. Every religion has its own festivals. In the US and some other western countries they have Halloween, All Saints Day, and Thanks Giving Day in the Fall. In India, Puja Festivals and Diwali occur in this season. It is to be noted that many health hazards follow these festivals.

Are festivals occasions of health hazards?

Festivals are supposed to be occasions of happiness, enjoyment and family togetherness. Relatives and friends gather together to share their enjoyment and celebrate the days in merry making. They eat, play and have all sorts of fun. But many are not aware that days that follow festivals can also be of great stress, adversely affecting both mind and body.

Why do after-festival days change unhealthy?

Too much of anything is good for nothing. Festivals give a feeling of freedom to eat anything without any limit or enjoy over exerting yourself. But when anything crosses its boundaries it creates problems. For example, honey is sweet and good for your health. But if you have it too much it will affect your health. Likewise, anything in eating or merry making turns adverse. In the same way, talking is good; but if you talk too much it will create unnecessary worries and misunderstandings. Studies have found that festivals are associated with physical problems and psychological distress for many individuals and their families.

Health problems that usually follow festivals

1) Stomach disorders
Festivals provide various food items that you enjoy. Halloween and Diwali are occasions of tasting varieties of sweets and candies. What can control the children when they have once tasted these delicious sweets? Sometimes the sweets may be out dated or adulterated. The drinks may be mixed with some chemicals that may upset stomach. Oils used for preparations might have been adulterated. In modern lifestyle, where everything is readily available in markets, such stomach problems after festivals have become very common.

2) Diabetes and blood pressure shoot up
Festivals, being occasions of sweets, create all chances to increase diabetes and blood pressure. Indian health experts have warned that this season (Puja and Diwali) is one of the main occasions of health hazards.

3) Problems of alcohol
Drinks have become inevitable part of festival dinners. Just for fun even children are included in drinking. Elders do not realize the evil effects of using such alcoholic drinks. Sale of drinks makes records during festival seasons.

4) Psychological problems and stress
Many celebrations end up in quarrels and misunderstanding after festival parties, mainly because of excess-drinking. In India, sale of spurious toddy or liquor during festivals that ends with mass deaths is found very common.

5) Family disputes lead to stress and health hazards
Festivals are occasions of dowry gifts. In South India, a father has to give gifts of gold and other things to his daughter and family during Diwali and other festivals. This custom has created heart attacks to many fathers and quarrels in many families.

6) Occasions of disputes and quarrels
Since festivals are occasions of meeting together, previous misunderstandings and grievances come out festivals, causing fresh wounds in family relationship. Statistics say that domestic abuse is about one-third more likely on days of festivals than the other average days.

Festivals are for enjoyment and not for regret. It is always prudent to be careful during festivals and avoid such mishaps. May festivals extend your happiness.


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