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Ten Tips to Ensure Your Child's Good Health During Holidays

October 27, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 955

Holiday season has started. Children and elders long for these memorable days. Starting from Halloween it extends till the New Year Day for more than two months. Fun and feasting fill life pleasant entertainments and delicious food items. Care must be taken that they should not cause health hazards, especially in children.


Holiday means feasting and delicious eating. Modern consumerist market is vying to fill your stomachs with all kinds of attractive food items. They are very particular in hooking your children with their attractive ads. The proverb, "A sound body in a sound mind" is quite suitable to holiday season also. Your kids can enjoy the holidays only if they have good health.

Today, parents are inclined to give their children whatever they ask for. They give only secondary importance to their health. Lack of attention to their health can cause irreparable damage and may shatter the future happiness of your child.

Here are ten useful tips to protect your kids during this holiday season.

Ten tips to protect your kids from health hazards

1) Antibiotics only when absolutely necessary

Antibiotics have their own side effects. Hence they should be given only there is absolute necessity. That too, should be administered only with the guidance of a pediatrician.

2) Watch the eating habits

Holidays and festivals are occasions of special food items. Pay attention to the eating habits of your children. Encourage them to have more fruits and vegetables. Leaving the child carelessly may lead to the habit of eating a lot of cookies, high-calorie snacks and tinned foods which may be harmful to them.

3) Fat requirement in early years

Children need more fat in the first two years for their brain development. Hence planned food with the guidance of a nutritionist may be given in the early years of their life.

4) Monitor weight

Obesity is the most serious problem of the modern growing generation. It is mainly due to the availability of fast foods. Children's weight should be monitored periodically, especially after they are two years old. Parents should take necessary action if they find their child obese at the age of four.

5) Make the kids physically active

Onset of television, videogames, etc., has made the growing children couch potatoes. They have reduced the physical activities of children. This is also one of the reasons for the obesity of children. Hence during these days parents should watch their children if they have enough exercises.

6) Proper eye protection

More and more children are having eye problems nowadays. Number of children wearing spectacles is increasing. Parents should take care of proper eye care. They should see if there is sufficient light in all the places where children read and move about.

7) Sitting posture

In the computer era, children should learn to have correct sitting postures. They should not develop hunch or other habits that may lead to their back problems. Seats should correspond to their height and optimum posture in sitting.

8) Special attention to sleeping time

Generally during holidays children may tend to play the whole time and may be unwilling to go to sleep. This will affect their health very much. Hey should have at least eight hours of sleep.

9) Avoid unnecessary strictness

Children should be coaxed and convinced to follow good habits for their well being. They should realize your instructions by listening to them positively. Too much of instructions or strictness may make them discouraged and cause nervous illnesses.

10) Peer group monitored

Peer group has much influence in children. Even if you convince your kids to follow certain instructions, they may be deviated by the influence of their friends. Hence encourage good friendship tactfully.



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