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10 Easy Ways SEO: Get more visitor from Search engine

July 06, 2010  by: Rocky  Points: 30   Category: Web design  Earning $0.50   Views: 1305

Learn 10 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips. How to get good ranking in Google and other search engine.


1. Focus on your pages cannibals

You probably have several pages positioned on your main keywords. You may find these pages positioned on page 2, 3, 4 and 5 or / of search results. They do not relate to traffic and divide your potential relevance and positioning.
Do a search type "keyword site: my-site.com" to get the listing of pages identified by Google for a particular keyword. Once this list is retrieved, 3-4 in 301 redirect those pages into a single order to boost its position on the request referred.

2. Find your most important pages and place links to URLs that need:

Nonspecific queries such as "inurl: site my site: my-site.com" or "intitle: Brand website: my-site.com" (walking only if you have your brand name in the title of each page) you can see the list of the most important pages on your site to the engines. Even if it is not perfectly ordered, it can be a good way to see which pages are considered valuable. You can retrieve this list and put up links on these pages to destination URLs that need to "link juice" or an anchor text that will boost their positioning. For words or phrases uncompetitive these systems almost always result in an increase in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

3. Add alt attributes on your pages with high ranking:

Go have a look at your web analytics tool and look at the top of pages 20-30 you bringing visitors from the engines. Now go to these pages, create / include relevant images (if you did not already), rename image files with keywords and optimize the text of your alt attributes. Many popular applications have part of their traffic from image search, and although it takes a while for your images are positioned, it can be a tremendously powerful source of traffic.

4. Create a sitemap.xml file (and check with the three main engines):

You can seriously boost your traffic engine Yahoo and Live by offering your sitemap file via the dedicated tools. Webmasters thinking more and more to follow their indexing through Google Webmaster Tools and often overlook the tools offered by Yahoo and Live.

5. Move your keywords at the beginning of title tag:

It's so simple, and it really works! Try this on for pages and ranked 10th on the principal + keyword targeted. You will be surprised to see some results where this will raise you five positions in no time.

6. Targeting the plural and other grammatical forms on a single page:

Do not separate multiple conjugations and plural keywords / phrases on many pages as you have not tried all of them together on the most optimized and best link of them for that keyword.

7. Suggest a link via a Wikipedia discussion page:

Wikipedia uses nofollow attributes on its external links, but the facts that have linked to Wikipedia and be seen as a reference source community (and many bloggers who use this for links) is interesting. You can earn very many quality links and targeted traffic thanks to Wikipedia. Do not link yourself but because they suggest the policy on external links. Go to the discussion page for the theme focused, and suggest several relevant links that may provide additional data. When publishers have learned, you'll have much better chance of staying originally link on the duration, even if it takes you time to be established.

8. 301 redirect your 404 pages:

The Google Webmaster Tools lists the pages accessible from your website that links to a 404. Do not simply to improve your page returns a 404 and fix broken links - redirect these URLs into 301 and get the "link juice" that you lost to the pages that needed it.

9. Invest in your pages positioned in two pages:

Improve your pages positioned on the 2nd engine results pages as well in terms of optimizations "on page" (title, type titles hen tags, internal links, alt, ...) and optimizations "off page" (external links ) and you'll see the difference between the contribution of traffic from a position on page 2 and one in the first page SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

10. Enrich your long tail keywords on the pages with high ranking:

Pages positioned property and providing you with high traffic engines are often a "terrific" opportunity to get even more. Do some research and find keywords 4-5 words that extend 2-3 on which you are already positioned. If possible, place the tags in a few titles hen, fat content in HTML text, and look what you gain additional traffic as those with extensive applications.


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