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Ten tips for your kid's hair health in winter

October 28, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 872

Winter is already here with its problems. You are much worried about your kid's skin and hair. They are soft and delicate. You have to wash them and keep them tidy to protect them from damage.


Care for skin and hair is more important in winter. It is a fact that most of the mothers take care of their kid's skin. But they do not take so much effort to maintain their hair. Care of your kid's hair is also important as it is more exposed to dust and dirt. It is not enough just to wash your kid's head once in a while in winter.

Ten tips for your kid's hair health

1) Care for the season

It is better to get a haircut or trim by mid-autumn to remove any damage caused in summer. It is advisable to alternate your regular shampoo and conditioner with a moisture-rich formula to combat the seasonal dryness. Use a baby shampoo with a low pH value, preferably lower than 4.5.

2) Teach your kids to use shampoo

The children may not know to take care of their hair as elders do. They have to be taught to use the shampoo on hair and rinse the hair thoroughly with sufficient water and not to waste the shampoo. You may give the last rinse yourself in order to make sure that there is no residue left behind.

3) Keep the hair short

It is always better to keep the hair of the children as short as possible so that it may be easier to have a better maintenance. You may grow it longer if you have more time to maintain it and if you feel it will give a better appearance.

4) Comb the hair in the right manner

Combing the hair regularly is very important. It has to be learnt as an art even in childhood. Teach your kid to comb the hair in the right manner. Avoid blow drying of the hair.

5) Short hair is better for wavy and curly hair

If your kid's hair is curly or wavy, it is better not to grow it long. It will take more time and be unmanageable to maintain it. Moreover it will look shabby and wild if you do not have enough time to set it.

6) Avoid tangles

You can avoid tangles by making a ponytail or a suitable braid and bind it with a cloth band instead of a rubber band. Sending the children to school with unkempt hair is not good for its hair maintenance.

7) Never apply oil while they go out to play

What happens if you apply oil before your children go out to play? This will attract a lot of dust and dirt and will make the hair gritty and sticky. It will spoil the condition of the hair.

8) Beware of lice

Watch your kids when they come with scratching their head. It should be something serious. Wash their hair with a mild shampoo instead of using strong medicated ones. Applying a mixture of coconut oil and camphor will help much to get rid of lice.

9) Condition the hair

Regular conditioning of the hair is very important for a good maintenance of hair. It is a must after using a shampoo. Just one or two drops of a conditioner is enough for a regular use. Make the kids comb the hair regularly, especially when they are back from school. This will help not only to remove the dirt and unwanted elements that might have been collected on the hair but also to stimulate the follicles beneath the scalp skin.

10) Care at the bed time

Caring the hair at the bed time is also necessary. Do not allow them to go to bed with much oil on the hair. Apply natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil or castor oil. Massage the hair with gentle strokes after applying these oils. Using sprays and gels on the hair of the children is not advisable since they will make it too soft.



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