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Ten white lies that you can expect from your lover

October 28, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 437

Relationship, especially the relationship between a young man and a woman, is very subtle. That is why most of the women do not tell men exactly what they want. Some times it may be a white lie that you can expect from your lover.


No one wants to tell lies. But the modern life has made it a necessary lifestyle. Day after day, men and women tell these little lies to each other. Sometimes it may be deliberate and sometimes may be unwitting. Sometimes it may be to cover up an error committed involuntarily or sometimes it may be to spare someone from getting hurt.

Thiruvalluvar, the ancient sage poet of South India says in his Kural 291, "Even untruth might attain the value of truth, if it is productive of unmixed good, without the least blemish." According to him even false statements may also be classified with truth, provided there is not even a concealed defect in it and he names them 'blameless lies'. He justifies that these white lies can be tolerated as their result is good. The eminent Greek Philosopher Plato also has mentioned about it in his 'Republic'. He names white lie as 'Noble lie'.

White lies are minor lies which could be considered to be quite harmless, or even beneficial, in the long run. Mostly white lies are also considered to be doing greater good.

Here are ten white lies you can expect from your lover

1) "Okay darling, I'll see you afterwards"
This statement of lie may be a necessary one for your partner to dismiss you. This situation may prone to lie because your partner is so uncomfortable with intimacy. Hence one good way to keep partners at a safe distance is to lie to them.

2) "I was just kidding"
This is the white lie used often in romance. It is used to save the face in a certain awkward situation. When a statement, said just a minute ago, is misunderstood and is expressed by a crossed face, this white lie comes to rescue. The situation is mended by quick salvaging.

3) "I'm sorry"
This is not said for whatever hurt is caused but only to manage the situation by telling, "I'm sorry". This "sorry" may be repeated as many times as possible till the atmosphere rights itself.

4) "You look nice in this outfit"
This statement, actually, has the opposite meaning. This may be just not to dissatisfy you by telling the truth.

5) "Your best friend is really very nice"
This statement is really an antagonism from your lover who is careful not to hurt you in any way. Actually she/he may not like him/her. Feeling a kind of threat, your lover takes resort to this statement of lie.

6) "It is not yours mistake, it's mine"
But in reality it is your mistake. This kind of polite conflict resolution is used by most lovers as an art of politeness. Where one person might feel comfortable telling another they are not interested, others are much more afraid of direct communication. Then they say this kind of lies.

7) "It wasn't me"
When something repeated often, it becomes a kind of truth. That is the nature of human weakness. Here your partner acts negatively to save her/his face by insisting false statements.

8) "I admire your management skills"
But the truth is your partner can teach you better skills. It is an indirect hint that you are not ready to learn from your partner since you have never realized her/his skills. So this lie is uttered to save the situation without fanfare.

9) "Yes, I'll start working on that what you're saying"
This actually means that your partner has a lot of other things to do; but he/she does not want to reveal it then and there and face an ugly scene.

10) "When you are not honest with me, why should I be honest with you"
This may be the attitude of many who go for telling lies. This, of course, is a friction in the romantic relationship which needs to be rectified in time. Otherwise it may lead to serious problems or failure in relationship. Love is always reciprocal.

Everyone tells a white lie on any occasion, even though it is just a question of why. As stated above, some white lies save relationships, some ease a hectic situation, and others save our time. To tell you the fact which I find is that this world is still a better place because of these white lies.



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