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Taking Care of the Baby

October 28, 2011  by: joeldgreat  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $2.00   Views: 986

A baby needs love proper care and attention as he grows up. A baby cannot take care of himself so it is the duty of the parents and other family members to provide for his needs.


Needs of the Baby

One of the most important household chores you can help is taking care of the baby. Your mother would greatly appreciate it if you can take care of the baby for her so that she can do other household work like cooking, washing and ironing the clothes and others. A baby needs love proper care and attention as he grows up. A baby cannot take care of himself so it is the duty of the parents and other family members to provide for his needs.

Nutritious Food

As infant, he is fed with breast milk or bottled milk. As he grows older, he can be fed with mashed fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled egg and juices.
Since most of the time the baby sleeps, he should be provided with a crib with a mosquito net to protect him from mosquito bites.
Simple and comfortable clothes
Babies need white clothes made with soft and fine fabric material which are easy to put on and take off. At an early stage, babies need diapers.
Safe place to crawl on
Babies need a space where he can crawl. Surface should be smooth and clean.

Feeding the Baby

While mother's milk is the best for a baby, there are also a lot of formulas available in the market. The best artificial feeding is some form of cow's milk or goat's milk which may be in various forms such as evaporated, fresh, or powdered. Powdered milk is good for young babies who cannot be fed in the natural way.

How to prepare the milk formula

1. Pour into the sterilized feeding bottle the amount of boiled water as instructed.
2. Scoop a generous amount of powdered milk into the measuring cup provided inside the can. Level the milk powder by passing the knife blade across the rim of the cup.
3. Add to the water in the feeding bottle the number of measuring cups of milk powder as instructed.
4. Cap the feeding bottle and shake until the milk powder dissolves.

Feeding should be done at regular basis. Normally, a baby needs to be fed every two to three hours. Sterile water maybe given in-between feedings.

The proper feeding position is holding the baby close to your breast. Hold the bottle upward making sure the nipple is always filled with milk. If the baby is lying on the crib, place rolled cloth diaper near the head to maintain the upward position of the bottle. Do not force the baby to finish the milk bottle. Put the cap and set aside.

Burping the Baby

When feeding the baby, particularly in bottle feeding, air intake cannot be avoided. After feeding is over, the baby should be made to burp. Burping rids the baby's stomach of air that causes gas pain.
- Lay him on his stomach with your hand supporting his back.
- Hold him firmly against your shoulder securely supporting his back and head.

Bathing and Dressing the Baby

It is not easy task to bathe the baby because his bones are still soft and weak. Extra care is needed in bathing him. Bathing makes the baby clean and smell good. The ideal bathing time is ten o'clock in the morning.

Things to be prepared before giving the baby bath

- Bath tub with lukewarm water
- Cotton buds or balls
- Towels and face towels
- Rubber mat
- Diapers and diaper pins
- Oil, powder
- Baby's shampoo
- Large towel
- Soap
- Baby's clothes

Steps in bathing the baby

1. Pour lukewarm water in the tub half full.
2. Undress the baby on flat surface, leaving the undershirt on.
3. Wet the baby's head, starting the nape.
4. Rub the head with a wet face towel with soap to clean his hair, pour little shampoo on your hand and rub this gently on his head until it forms lather. Remember to keep the soap or shampoo away from his eyes.
5. Rinse well.
6. Wipe his face gently with a wet face towel.
7. Dry his head with a wet face towel.
8. Put down the baby on top of the table laid with a rubber mat or big towel.
9. Wet his neck, arm, armpits, thighs, and legs.
10. Rub all the body parts with a face towel with soap.
11. Rinse well.
12. Wrap the baby with a big towel to dry him in order to prevent chilling.
13. Put powder on his armpit, thigh, and body.
14. Put on his clothes and diaper.
15. Rub little oil on his body.
16. Clean his ears and nose with cotton buds.

Putting the Baby's Clothes

Before changing the baby's clothes, give him a sponge bath to keep him fresh. Dash him also with powder.Here's how to put on baby's clothes
1. Place the baby in a lying position.
2. Insert one arm of the baby in one arm of the garment. Do this gently in order not to hurt the baby.
3. Roll the baby on one side. Then pull the clothes slowly in order to insert his other arm in the other sleeve.
4. Turn the baby back to his lying position, and fasten the overlapping front of the garment.

Changing Baby's diaper

Changing the diaper is part of dressing up the baby. The diaper is part of his clothes. There are many disposable diapers for sale. There are also diapers made of cloth. Besides being economical, they also minimize the baby's chance of developing urinary tract infection.

How to put on baby's diaper made of cloth

1. Fold the diaper into two parts.
2. Insert half of the folded under the baby's buttocks.
3. Insert the other half of the diaper between the legs of the baby up to the waistline.
4. Fasten the two ends of the diaper on one side of the waist with a safety pin or clip. Do the same on the other side.
The steps in diapering the baby with disposable are the same as with cloth diapers except that the diapers are not turned down in front or back. Disposable diapers have adhesive tapes instead of pins to secure the diaper.

Putting the Baby to Sleep

Babies are sleep most of the time. They wake up only when they are hungry, wet, or sick. They need sleep so that they will grow physically and mentally healthy.
A baby usually feels sleepy after bathing and after eating. The baby's bed should be soft, clean and protected by a mosquito net. The crib is the most appropriate bed for babies. The baby's room should be clean, orderly, quiet and well-ventilated. The baby is carried with his head in an upright position on the shoulder. He will be laid down to bed when fast asleep.

Playing with the Baby

Playing is an important activity to the growing baby. It helps the baby grow strong, healthy, cheerful and alert. The baby should be provided with the appropriate toys which will develop his mind and ability. Toys should be soft, smooth, colorful and safe. Rattles and other toys which produce sounds are ideal toys for babies.
Babies enjoy games that are suitable for their age.

Things to remember when playing with the baby:
1. Toys should not be pointed or sharp.
2. Do not give small toys which the baby might swallow.
3. Avoid toys which may cause allergy, such toys with feathers or hair.
4. Toys and games should be appropriate for their age.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 11/18/2011    Points:4    

Taking care of the baby in modern times has become extremely difficult due to so many reasons. First of all, since modern families have become nucleus families they lack proper guidance in so many things. While it was a joint familyin earlier days, it was easier to shoulder responsibilities and solve problems. Nowadays, it is very difficult to get people to help in urgent needs. Experience is also is lacking in most cases. This article gives everything in a nutshell to help moms as well as dads. Thank you.

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