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A Village that Loves Bats More than Crackers

October 29, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Celebrity    Views: 573

A village in South India is celebrating festivals without any bursting noise, just for the sake of bats. They are following this eco-loving principle for the past five generations, more than hundred years.


As usual this year also they celebrated Diwali yesterday without any cracker noise. Diwali in India means crackers and fireworks. The first thing that comes to the mind about Indian Diwali is the cracker noise that even tears the eardrum. There is no festival without cracker noise. But just for the sake of safeguarding bats which live on their village trees, people of Kazhuperumbakkam in South India never allow any bursting noise in their village. Not only for Diwali but also for other festive occasions and functions they are more concerned about these bats than enjoying crackers.

Thanks to Tamil daily Dinamalar

Dinamalar, a leading Tamil daily in South India, published an interesting and detailed report dated 27, October, 2011 about the people of Kazhuperumbakkam protecting bats, sacrificing their own festive enjoyment.

Honoring the guests on banyan trees

There is a big banyan tree in the center of Kazhuperumbakkam village which hosts hundreds of bats. They are living on that tree for more than hundred years. People in that village treat them as honorable guests and allow them have good time in their village. They stay on the tree during the nights as they go for hunting fruits during day time. They fly to different areas in the evenings and return in the mornings.People honor them as some good omen and treat them with all respect. They know that cracker noise will chase them away and hence they are very careful in protecting them without any disturbance.

Treating bats more loving than children

Generally Indian villages will have entertainments with bursting noise of crackers; not only at religious festivals, but also during social functions such as wedding, puberty ceremony and even funerals. But these people have sacrificed such enjoyment for more than five generations. They treat these bats as their beloved children. They do not allow outsiders to disturb these bats in any way.

This year also noiseless Diwali

Diwali was celebrated yesterday all over the world. The eco-loving people of this South Indian village celebrated this year's Diwali also without crackers. They sacrificed cracker enjoyment for the sake of their beloved bats. They were not jealous of their neighboring villagers who had all ear-piercing crackers. It is really wonderful to find such eco-loving people in this commercialized world where man kills another man for a mean enjoyment.



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