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Welcome the Prince Kittens of your Queen Cat

October 30, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 674

Pets are becoming closer to children, especially to Indian children. Cats and dogs are attracting the Indian kids of nuclear families. Today, the pets are their companions at home since they have nobody else.


Children like cats and dogs very much. In the west they have been loving companions since long. But in India only recently the pet keeping habit is picking up. Today, they are the wonderful companions of Indian children of modern life with changed socio-economic life styles. These pets are the only beings to share the joys and sorrows of children craving for company when their parents are away from their homes leaving the children alone. Not only children but also their parents of modern life crave for such company of pets.

Life with your pet cat

Pussy cat has become a member of your family. How to know that your queen is pregnant?

Here are ten tips to prepare your Pussy to welcome her princes

1) Pregnancy

Approximately three or four weeks after mating, you can notice the color of your queen's nipples becoming pinker. This is a sign of confirming her pregnancy. She will also gain weight during this period. You can take her to a veterinary physician at this time, if you find it necessary.

2) Your anxiety

You are also anxious as she is expecting the days of her delivery. But do not worry. Normally she needs a period of six to seven weeks for her gestation.

3) Prepare a nesting box

First, you have to set up a nest. Usually your Pussy will display nesting signs a few days before when she feels the delivery date is imminent. This is the perfect opportunity for you to direct her to the quiet, dark corner that you have already prepared for her.

Making a nest is easy. A simple cardboard box will do. Line it with newspaper and soft cloth and make it easy to clean and remove dirt and soiled lining after the kittens are born. Make sure that it is large enough for your queen to move about comfortably, allowing her easy access.

4) Protection is necessary

The box or nesting place should be kept in an area that is away from other pets. Avoid unnecessary noise and distraction that may scare your Pussy. She must feel safe and relaxed in her nesting area. Other cats from neighborhood may cause her troubles. There should not be any strong scents nearby, since the mother and kittens recognize each other mostly by smell.

5) No medication during pregnancy

It is important to be careful about giving medicines during the gestation period. It is better not to give medicines, such as medication for de-worming and fleas, as it may harm her pregnancy.

6) Prepare homes for the kittens

It is better to prepare one or two homes for the unborn kittens even during the pregnancy time, as it will avoid last minute hurry-burry. Even if you want to give them away, you have to wait at least they are eight weeks old.

7) Labor hour

At the arrival of the delivery time your Pussy will become listless and restless, looking for a place to hide somewhere. She will groom excessively. She will purr and cry loudly showing signs of uneasiness. She may not eat anything or may even vomit.

8) More food during the nursing period

Keep Pussy's food and water dishes nearby with more food since she is likely to develop ravenous appetite during the nursing stage.

9) Separate the kittens when they are eight weeks old

You can spay the queen when the kittens are eight weeks old. They can manage themselves now independently.

10) Refer a veterinary physician

Consult a veterinary as the cats also suffer from ailments as human beings. They may get health problems like human babies. If necessary, do not hesitate to seek veterinary care immediately.



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