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Ten Suggestions for Sending Your Job Applications

October 30, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Others    Views: 822

Hunting a job has become a real challenge today. The rules for work are changing. The dimensions of jobs are taking new transformations. Workers are judge by new yardsticks- not just by how smart they are, or by their training and education, but by their handling jobs.


Hunting for a job is an importance phase of every adult life. It has become more difficult and more challenging in the commercialized and consumerist world today.

New yardsticks for job selection

Formerly, education was the main criterion for job allotment. But today, the yardsticks of job assignment are changing in the profit-oriented job market. It is measured by how well the jobs are handled. The traits of the job hunters are measured by various modernized yardsticks. They have little to do with what these job hunters are told in their schools. Their academic abilities are irrelevant to these new yardsticks. They measure their intellectual ability and technical know-how to carry out their jobs. They rather focus on personal qualities, such as initiative and empathy, adaptability and persuasiveness.

Indian scenario

Job hunting is a crucial one in India, where it has the largest youth population of the world. There is a tight competition in the job market all over the country, especially because of the present global level recession.

Ten top suggestions in job hunting

1) Application, the pilot of your job hunting effort
The application for job is the most important one that connects you with the employer. It should be well-prepared having in mind all the requirements that the employer needs. The application and your resume are the best sales documents about you that should hook your selection.

2) Follow the instructions
Read the job advertisement well before sending your application. Generally the advertisement will ask you to send three copies of your resume. The employer will have his own reasons in asking you to send three copies. Follow all the instructions given in the advertisement.

3) Try your best to collect all the necessary details
You must collect information all the details about the job, about the firm you are applying and their requirements before sending your application. They will enable you to tailor as much as information they are looking for. This will also help you to find a suitable job and also save your time of sending applications.

4) Check if you include all the required documents
Always have a check up list of the documents to be sent along with the application. Sometimes the copies of documents may have to be certified. If you are emailing the application, make it easy to the employer or the correspondent to find your application in order, along with your covering letter, resume and the relevant documents. You may send them in one attachment to avoid confusion.

5) Do not forget to include your resume
Some of the job hunters send their application in a hurry without their resume. Sometimes employers ask not to send any resume along with your application. In that case you need not send any. But in that condition, see if your application contains all the necessary details.

6) Customize each job application
Your application should not be a mere ditto of information. It should contain relevant details particularly needed to a particular job. Even if you send an application to a company to which you had already applied, you new application should look fresh with relevant details. Focus on the particular job in your application and tailor your resume displaying prominently with most relevant skills required.

7) Do not be baffled if you lack some skills asked for
Do not hesitate to send your application even if you find you are unable to mention some of the expected skills. Just see if you possess the most important skills needed for your job and send the application. Every body knows the fact that it is difficult to find a perfect candidate. This may give you an opportunity to try your luck and also an idea to equip yourself better.

8) Never assume that your application has been received
Due to so many reasons your application might have not reached the proper place. Try to get a confirmation from the agent or employer after your sending the application. There are always chances for misplacing the documents or mishap in reaching. This happens even in electronic ones.

9) Make sure if your application reaches the proper place in time
Sending the application to the proper person in proper time is very important. Many applications have been rejected since they did not reach in time and were not sent to the proper person. Beware of the closing date of the application. Sometimes it may be delayed by the postal or courier services for which the employer cannot take responsibility.

10) Analyze the results of your applications
Try to learn from the results of your applications. Those failures of your applications will give you new ideas and will help you know your weaknesses. Be sure that failure is the stepping stone for your next application.



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