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Sauna and Steam Room for Effective weight Loss

October 31, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.55   Views: 929

Do steam and sauna rooms really help in weight loss? Is it possible to lose weight rapidly in a sauna or steam room? Using only steam or sauna to lose weight, may not leave you with a permanent result. Do not lose heart when you realize that sauna alone does not help in weight loss. You can plan an effective weight loss strategy to lose more pounds in a month.


Health clubs and gyms with more amenities, equipment and personal trainers attract more members. Today, weight loss is the most popular topic of discussion among all age groups. Many people join the gym or a health club with the only aim to lose more pounds in a short time. For this, they combine cardio work out with swimming, water aerobics, and salsa dance aerobics along with sauna or steam room.

Do steam and sauna rooms really help in weight loss? Is it possible to lose weight rapidly in a sauna or steam room? Using only steam or sauna to lose weight, may not leave you with a permanent result. Such a weight loss is temporary. We tend to weigh a little less after sitting in the sauna or steam rooms for 30-40 minutes. This is because of sweating in the session. However, we tend to gain back the lost weight after a meal.

Sauna and Steam Room for Effective weight Loss

Do not lose heart when you realize that sauna alone does not help in weight loss. You can plan an effective weight loss strategy to lose more pounds in a month. Everyone talks about a routine exercise schedule, balanced diet and nutrition to burn more calories every day. However, no one talks about the fatigue and lack of motivation. Going to the gym or health club every day at the same time, following the same exercise routine can also cause fatigue and monotony.

Hence, try different strategies to break the monotony of your routine exercise schedule for effective weight loss. Carry some vitamin water for instant energy to boost your work out. Do not start with the same cardio machines every day. Try some lightweights and abdominal training before stepping on the arc trainer or the treadmill. Sit in the sauna or steam room before you begin the work out. It removes the toxins and makes you feel refreshed. Thus, you feel more energetic to begin a workout.

Benefits of Steam and Sauna

Both steam and sauna have similar health benefits. They help in detoxifying and cleansing your body. A steam room feels hotter than a sauna. Steam rooms have tiles unlike saunas, which are wooden rooms. You feel fresh and light after a 30 to 40 minutes session in sauna and steam rooms. Ideally, try to sit in a sauna for 10 minutes before you begin a workout session. You get instant energy to start the exercise. Gulp down some vitamin water or plain water to keep your body hydrated.

Steam and Sauna for Clear Skin and Relaxation

Sauna and steam help to cleanse your body from inside and outside too. Since sauna or steam cause sweating, you can get rid of pimples, acne and other skin problems. Moreover, after a workout, it is possible to feel exhaustion and stress. Hence, when you sit in the steam or sauna room, it helps to relax your muscles and ease the tension. Thus, it improves focus and concentration too. You feel more equipped to handle the pressure at work and home.

Thus, use a steam or sauna to refresh after a workout. It is important to take a shower after workout and sauna. Another trick is to take a cool shower in between the time in a sauna or steam room. Always remember to drink water while you sit in the sauna or steam to keep your body hydrated. Constantly sweating in the sauna and during a workout can cause dehydration. Hence, drinking water is important too. It also eliminates toxins and results in a beautiful glowing skin.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 11/05/2011    Points:4    

Modern man is more worried about weight. Computer life has brought in obesity and its related diseases. Everywhere in the world there is a cry to try methods for weight loss. The methods through sauna and steam bath are very interesting. In fact, both steam and sauna you have mentioned here have similar health benefits. The do help in detoxifying and cleansing the body through which weight can be decreased considerably. The steam room feeling hotter than a sauna gives refreshment to both body and mind. Thank you for this great article which will surely help the whole humanity of modern times.

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