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Ten Suggestions to Control the Silent Killer Diabetes

November 01, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 954

Diabetes is spreading all over the world at an alarming speed. Recent studies say that every 10 seconds one person dies of this cruel disease. The primary concern of the medical world is to check its alarming growth.


World today is seriously threatened by the growing disease diabetes. Recent studies say that diabetes has affected more than 250 million people across the world. According an estimate, the population in India is the highest in the world. Prevalence of diabetes in India is the highest in the world till date. Recent drastic changes in life style, lack of exercise and uncontrolled diet are some of the reasons of this disease. Though diabetes is not fatal, it is a silent killer.

Diabetes, a silent killer

Diabetes, if left uncontrolled, can do much damage to health. It can result in severe long term complications like eye disease, kidney failure, nerve damage, increased likelihood of heart disease and stoke. Regulating the glucose level in blood is the necessary solution to control this disease.

Ten suggestions to control diabetes

1) Walk every day for at least 30 minutes

Walking is the best solution recommended by all physicians to control diabetes. This can be practiced by any one anywhere easily. It promotes good supply of oxygen and blood circulation.

2) Practice some exercises

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It has become a new saying that' all worry and no play made Jack diabetic'. Movement of the body is very necessary for the flow of hormones and for promoting blood circulation.

3) Follow a diet plan

Diet plays a vital part in diabetes. Stick to a diet plan, with the guidance of your doctor. Many have a wrong notion that it is taking a lot of sugar that causes diabetes, though refined sugar causes diabetes to certain extend. Canned foods and saturated food increase blood sugar levels. Your diet must be a balanced mix of vegetables, leafy items, fruits, nuts, fish (for non-vegans) and yogurt.

4) Alcohol is a culprit of diabetes

Alcohol causes diabetes by increasing blood sugar level. Statistics say that consumption of alcohol is increasing day by day in India. People who are trying to lose weight need to account for the calories in alcohol.

5) Eye check up once a year is very necessary

Diabetes affects the eye nerves and it is the leading cause of blindness among the Indians. Of most of the complications of diabetes, visual impairment is the most feared one. The most affected is the retina. Regular screening for early detection of retinopathy will be helpful.

6) Check you blood sugar level periodically

The blood sugar levels should be checked up periodically as per the guidance of your doctor and should be kept in control with proper medication. Regular monitoring is the only way to know about your diabetic condition.

7) Medication every day without fail

Taking the medicines regularly with the guidance of your physician is the most important suggestion to the diabetic patients. It is dangerous if they skip medicines even one day.

8) Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurveda is a natural medicinal system followed in India for more than 5,000 years. It has no side effects but can cure positively. There are many Ayurvedic formulations composed of natural fruits and spices that control diabetes. Amla, fenugreek seed and neem are some of the herbal ingredients of those compositions.

9) Holistic treatments

This is a combination of Ayurveda and Siddha medicines. This is a treatment given for a certain period with a regimen of medicines, diet and yoga exercises. This regulates the life style of the diabetic patients.

10) Diabetes in pregnant women

Diabetes is increasing among pregnant women causing great concern in the developing countries like India. Gestational diabetes not only affects the mother but also the unborn child. This passes on the risk factor to generations. Hence pregnant women should take all precautions to check and treat diabetes.

Diabetes is not the end of the world. It is preventable. So you need not be frightened very much. Just take the necessary medications and precautions to escape from that malevolent master! You can have it under control with a suitable life style with just a few minor adjustments!


Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 11/03/2011    Points:3    

Right said Paulose, diabetes when on silent mode is very dangerous to body because it goes unrecognized , due to which patient does not try to have treatment for it. And the disease goes on increasing on silent, and get recognized when fully flourished. So one should have regular checkups to recognize the silent mode diabetes.

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