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Various Components of Management Information System

November 01, 2011  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 5220

ere are five main and essential components of such an information system. These five components are- hardware, software, people, data and procedures. Let us analyze each of the components in detail.


An information system is simple to define; it is an organized collection of equipment, data, and procedures. It also involves people who handle collection, storage and processing data. Management teams in an organization use the given data to plan, control and direct the production and management activities. There are five main and essential components of such an information system. These five components are- hardware, software, people, data and procedures. Let us analyze each of the components in detail.


Hardware, in an information system, includes the equipment used in the system to input, store and recover data. Hardware includes both input and output devices, cables and storage devices.

Input devices help to enter the data in a machine-compatible and readable format. Input devices enter such readable data into the CPU or main memory and processing area of a computer with the help of keyboards, bar-code reader devices, scanners and digital voice processes.

On the other hand, output devices allow users to take information from the computer. These include devices like printers, terminals, monitors and graphic plotters. All these output devices display the information stored in the computer.

Storage devices help to store and recover the data in a computer. These include USB devices, floppy, compact discs and magnetic discs etc.


In an information system, software is the means to control the hardware. Software also helps to control the entire information system with ease. Software programs help to create instructions and make the hardware interpret or read the inputs, store data, recover data and convert the data into usable formats and print the output.


People are the key elements and key components of an information system. The information system cannot operate without people. Individuals require different skills to handle and operate the management information systems. Some essential skills are as below-

Data Entry- data entry people feed the data into the information system and extract the readable information from it.

Data Processing Managers- they direct the total use of the system, handle transmission of information to different users and prepare reports using the information.

System Analysts- are in charge of configuring hardware and software in the entire information system.

Programmers- they develop software as per the specifications given by systems analysts.

End Users- they obtain the information needed for solving problems or for making decisions.


As mentioned earlier, data is nothing but the sum or collection of unorganized and un-analyzed facts, figures and unprocessed information.


Procedures ensure that information generation is complete, timely and of high or superior quality. Effective procedures are essential for successful functioning of any information system. Some important system procedures include-

Data entry and Validation, which specifies the process of calculating data and verifying it to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Data Management to minimize data redundancy and ensures all users get uniform data.

Data security and integrity ensure protection to data from loss and destruction. Data security enables only such individuals to access the information that have authorization to access it.

Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 11/05/2011    Points:4    

A very good analysis about the five components of information system. The details given on hardware, software, people, data and procedures are very elaborate and interesting. It is this information system that is paving way for all future developments. Everyday they are improved and bring out new ideas of development. Spread of knowledge faster than any time in history. New dimensions of information technology are empowering every field of global development. Thank you for this great article on information technology.

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