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Money and/or Intelligence

November 04, 2011  by: Jobin  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.45   Views: 1422

Is money the most important thing we need in our life? Can Intelligence fill the gap of money. Can one substitute other? A question which has a great importance in today's world.


Money. A word that all know. Someone may have it a lot whereas someone may be thriving to make some. It has the power to draw boundaries within the society. But is the money, the most important thing? It can be compared with many things in the world, which are physical or not. So we need a reference with which it can be compared.

Money or Intelligence

Which is more important? Money or Intelligence. Its a worthy reference with which it can be compared. Money is important since we are not born educated. We need to acquire some basics from which our intelligence grows. We have to study and get the proper education to become intelligent in fields for which we need a driving factor called money in today's world.

Yes, Intelligence can be bought

Money matters. It is a fact. We can't ignore the importance of money which has the power to purchase intelligence sometimes. Education has became a business. A simple but rich mankind can have multiple intelligent working under him to gain him the top place of success stories. It means that, Yes, Intelligence can be bought.

Intelligence is prime

On the other side, you cannot acquire intelligence by yourself just because you have money. Intelligence is more important than money in certain frames of reference. Intelligence can make money but can money make intelligence. Its a serious issue for thought. An intelligent person can even know how to utilize his money in a better way so that it became worthy than one who have a lot of money. Maybe, more than one need. But who fix this limit of need. Need of money varies from person to person. But remember , it should remain as need itself. When need changes to comfort and then to luxury, the values gets changed. Sometimes, money is not a great factor for a person to acquire knowledge if he is intelligent.

Does only one matters ?

Some may say that a person can become successful if he has anyone of the two, money or intelligence. But what he has should be in plenty. Intelligence can make money and money can gather intelligence for him. One can fill the gap of other or in some other way, one can be used to achieve the other.

If we have money, but no intelligence then how can he use the money or utilize the money in a better way. There is a proverb that money is like dust in our hand. Through money, we can't make a person intelligent but an intelligent person can make money. But every coin has two sides. If you have money then you are able to give right direction to your intelligence needs. But intelligence is not only sufficient to make the life.

Intelligence with money - The perfect blend

An intelligent can earn,utilize,handle and maintain the money in the best way. But money can't cost intelligence much. Money or intelligence are the one out of two.Both are inevitable with respect to different frames of reference.

Varam buddhi, na sa vidya, vidyaya budhiruttama, buddhiheenah vinashyante, yatha te singh karka.

It means that Intelligence is the real boon, not the education. You cannot survive without intelligence in this world. Money is simply the reward for your intelligence.


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