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Importance of Maintaining Relationships

November 04, 2011  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.45   Views: 659

It is important to keep relationships alive . We realise the importance of them at a later stage in our life !


The other day I was reading an article written by a well known actress - she was of the opinion that having reached a stage in life , she is now able to handle everything even the most difficult situations in life with so much more ease and grace , except the minor health complications. Age and experience has the advantage but when you have reached the best phase of life your health fails, this is what happens to many people. However, what is important is to keep your communication with people alive all the time and work towards making it better .

During our life time we have ever so many different relationships with different people within the family and outside the family. However, we see that none of these relationships remain the same, they are constantly changing.Even with regard to your own children, there are bound to be changes. These changes may be for the better or worse. We can see that some of the relationships with close relatives may worsen for several reasons mainly because of shared properties and other similar problems that arise...whereas with some others we may have become closer over the years , with close and intimate friends we reach a different level of relationship which is positive and makes us happy...It is the same with some other relatives and one's own children.No doubt that there are minor frictions and misunderstandings but it may not have any negative effects!

It is important to keep relationships alive . We realise the importance of them at a later stage in our life !

Even if you dont care for relationships, you automatically acquire them when you are born into this world. You are a son/daughter , brother/sister ,cousin, aunt/uncle,mother/father etc etc...and keep acquiring more as you go along! Maintaining all these different relationships is not easy since there are many factors influencing them. Power, Influence and Money does play an important role in all relationships, but again it depends on the individuals as to how much importance they are willing to give it..Money is important and many relationships suffer due to lack of money or too much of money.But, there are some relationships which remain unaffected by any of these, but still may undergo changes because of other sensitive issues.Developing Emotional Quotient in children and ourselves help us understand and appreciate people better and also develop sensitivity towards others problems .This also helps in better organising our close relationships.

Nothing is constant in this world except change.But to expect everything to change for the better is not always possible nor is it practical because good and bad in every aspect of life go hand in hand and are bound to leave their impact.Once we realise this it becomes easier to accept and assimilate changes into our lives.

It depends on so many different things like if there is some major misunderstanding with someone close,then it becomes difficult to be positive and continue a friendly relationship with that person. But time heals and dulls everything and one can probably look forward to having something positive after a lapse of time. But ,for this to happen , effort will have to come from both the sides.

In life it so happens that we ourselves undergo a lot of change as we grow older , mature and experience life and this is bound to affect our relationships with other people.Your relationship with everyone changes even parents,children, siblings and close friends...in some cases the change may be positive while in some other cases it may be negative.. Change is inevitable and it can change once again for the better or worse! Friends becomes foes and vice versa.Personally speaking, I have seen complete changes come over relationships in a matter of a decade between individuals.

To conclude, working on our relationships and maintaining them is a constant process in life.One cannot get away from it since we humans are social beings too ...


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