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Ten Health Benefits of Lord Vinayaka's Favorite Fruit

November 04, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 878

Wood apple is the propitiated offering of the Hindu Elephant-headed God, Lord Vinayaka. The season for this fruit of great medicinal values starts in India in the month of October and will be available up to March.


Wood apple which is also called elephant apple, or monkey fruit is a favorite of elephants. No wonder that it is offered to the Hindu Elephant-headed God, Lord Vinayaka, as a favorite offering. The wood apple is a colorless, round shaped fruit, about 10cm in diameter and with hard rind or pericarp. Every part of wood apple tree- leaves, flowers, ripe and unripe fruits, rind, gum, roots and bark- is used for medical purpose. The pulp inside is brown with white seeds and has a distinctive smell. The scooped-out pulp can be eaten raw with or without sugar. Siddha and Ayurveda medicinal systems use this fruit for a lot of medical preparations.

Ten health benefits of wood apple

1) Wood apple the best cooler

Wood apple brings down the heat of the body and gives a fresh energy to the nerves. The gum of the wood apple is used as an ointment, to relieve irritation of skin.

2) Removes kidney stones

Consuming wood apple regularly is good for kidney ailments. Ancient Indian medical sciences recommend it as one of the best natural methods for getting rid of kidney stones.

3) Heals eye disorders

Since wood apple contains carotene, which is beneficial for eye health, this fruit is suggested for keeping the eyes in healthy condition. It can also improve the power of vision in addition to maintaining eye health. Fomentation with a pad (packed in a piece of cloth) of roasted tender leaves can cure reddish eye.

4) Leaves solve respiratory disorders

The leaves of the wood apple are effectively used either to avoid common colds or to treat respiratory disorders. The fruit is effective in relieving sore throats and chronic cough.

5) Heals peptic ulcer

Regular drinking of wood-apple-leaves decoction relieves peptic ulcer. The leaves are soaked overnight in water and the next morning the leaves are filtered and the strained liquid is drunk. Eating the fresh pulp of the wood apple can also give pain relief and heal peptic ulcer.

Juice of the tender leaves of wood apple, mixed with milk and sugar gives excellent effect in treating bowel complaints of children.

6) Beneficial in the treatment of stomach disorders

Since wood apple contains tannin, it treats digestive disorders like chronic diarrhea, dysentery and stomach pain. The bark of the tree contains a gum, called Feronia, which is mixed with honey and given to alleviate stomach disorders. The raw, seedless pulp of wood apple can be mashed up and can be given with cardamom, honey and cumin seeds to solve indigestion.

7) Flowers cure constipation

The flowers of wood apple are dried up and powdered. It is given to patients suffering from constipation.

8) Treats anemia

Wood apple fruit is good to purify blood and it helps to cure anemic conditions. Powdered wood apple taken with sugar candy strengthens body with fresh energy and is very effective for treating anemia.

9) Enhances male sex

Wood apple has excellent aphrodisiac properties and is specifically beneficial for men. It treats efficiently premature ejaculation, impotency and spermatorrhea.

10) Beneficial for women

It is also beneficial for women. It is said that it prevents post labor problems. It cures sterility due to hormone deficiency and can even cure breast and uterus cancers. A mixture of ripe pulp of the wood apple, cardamom, honey and cumin seeds, taken regularly in the morning, can also tone up sagging breasts.



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