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Eight Tips to Enhance Your Body's Self-healing Power

November 06, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 775

Human body is the wonderful work of God with defensive mechanisms for its healthy maintenance. It is has an in built structure for its steady growth. It is capable of curing diseases that may creep into its system.


The human body is a wonderful structure that is capable of curing itself. It is generally designed to be self-healing and can heal diseases if the proper conditions conducive to healing are re-established. All the ancient medicinal systems throughout history had belief in the nature of body's self-healing power. We just have to learn how to apply this power of healing hidden in our constitution.

Eight Tips to Enhance Our Body's Self-healing Power

1) Enhance the self-healing power

The human immune system is an amazing protective force hidden in our body. It is constantly on the alert for any danger to the body, and ready to attack immediately any bacteria, virus or any other foreign matter. But when it goes beyond all limits due to the effects of physical and emotional stress, pollutants, and abuse, it takes a toll on the body's immunization power of caring for itself.

2) Enjoyable activities can enhance immunity power

Our body can refresh its immunity by doing some exercises or by participating in some enjoyable activities such as smiling, laughing, dancing, exercising, including a good sexual experience. These activities can release a substance called Endorphins that have a chemical composition similar to that of Morphine and they have the power to relieve pains and chronic illness.

3) Avoiding stress enhances self-healing

Relieving the body of the external physical and emotional pressures is the first step to enhance the self-healing power of our body. Constant pressure from external irritants, like stress and negative emotions, weakens the systems that care for our body. As a result, diseases begin to creep into the tissues that were once healthy. The body and mind become weak and unhealthy. By keeping out unnecessary stress and negative feelings, we can keep up our normal health.

4) Strengthen the nervous system

Our inbuilt healing system is controlled by the brain through the nervous system. The effects of stress are very harmful especially on the nervous system. The natural power of the body to heal itself is challenged by hundreds of external stressors that we encounter every day and sometimes our body has to fight a losing battle. Though the human immune system is trying desperately to mend itself, we just have to give our body the refreshed strength that it needs, by avoiding stress.

5) Enhance the natural pain killers of our body

Our body contains in itself natural painkillers called Endorphins. Avoiding anger, hatred, unnecessary worry, etc. and keeping ourselves calm can induce production of these Endorphins that help our health. They have the amazing ability to actually reduce feelings of pain and serve as our body's natural pain killers.

6) Exercises can build up body's self-healing power

Simple exercises like walking, cycling, jogging, dancing, etc. are capable of a tremendous release of endorphins because they are both exercises and pleasurable activities. They increase our body's self-healing power. It is advisable to get into the habit of safe exercise routine.

7) Natural therapies can enhance immunity

Simple natural therapies like massage therapy, yoga, meditation, prayer therapy, etc. practiced regularly can serve to relax the body and release the healing power of endorphins into it. They can also give the body the much needed break from the physical and emotional stressors that are harming it, so that it can have the power to rejuvenate and heal itself.

8) Make use of the natural resources

We can make use of the natural resources provided for our health such as fresh air, pure water, moderate sunshine and simple healthy food. We can enhance the self-healing power of the body with regular exercise, adequate rest, sleep and also fasting during illness.

Pleasurable activities, optimism in the attitude of mind and cheerfulness in life are the great healing companions of the self-healing system of our body.


Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 11/17/2011    Points:2    

Right said Paulose, stress decreases body's immunity a lot. It weakens the immune system a lot. Therefore, try to avoid stress. Do yoga on regular basis. It is very good for health.

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