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Joomla or WordPress: Pros and Cons of both CMS web designing solutions

November 08, 2011  by: Diya  Points: 12   Category: SEO    Views: 868

WordPress is the Apple of Content Management System (CMS) while Joomla is the Linux of CMS web design. WordPress is lightweight while Joomla is heavyweight.


WordPress is the Apple of Content Management System (CMS) while Joomla is the Linux of CMS web design. WordPress is lightweight while Joomla is heavyweight. WordPress is for anyone and everyone while Joomla is basically for professionals in web designing. Both were started after the dawn of the twenty first century and have been trying to develop into the perfect CMS development solution for the world.

Users of WordPress swear by it. Famous magazines like Time and The Wall Street Journal use it for their online versions. Joomla has big names in it's kitty with the likes of the United Nations and Porsche using the platform for their online portals. It is true that WordPress was a country hick in comparison with the powerful professional Joomla for a long time but WordPress has slowly and steadily worked at improving itself with more than 160 version updates. Joomla has lagged behind with only 27 version updates.

There is no doubt in the fact that WordPress is easier to use and understand in CMS web design. Joomla has too worked at it and become an easier to use CMS web development system. There used to be an accusation by CMS web design creators that WordPress was only good for bloggers. It is no longer true. WordPress now offers so many attractive themes and plugins that web designers are very comfortable with it.

From Versatility Point of View
The biggest advantage of WordPress development is that it provides all its resources from one page while Joomla out of sheer cussedness expects users to jump to and fro between three resource locations. If one explores WordPress one will find all the functions that Joomla has. Today WordPress has features like photo galleries, database optimization, pinging services, migration friendly and trackbacks. Of course all these features are available on Joomla but they are harder to use. This is why web design developers prefer WordPress over Joomla in CMS Web development.

Numbers tell the true tale
Numbers do not lie. Today WordPress has fifty million visitors per month in the US alone, while Joomla has only sixty thousand visitors. On the other hand if we look at the core versions of the two CMS web development sites, WordPress has had only three revisions while Joomla already has six versions. It is also clear that today users consider both systems as CMS development tools. WordPress has shed the image of being only a blogging site and come way too far in terms of improvement.

It is obvious that Joomla is a powerful web development tool. It allows website creators to make perfect websites for their clients and to slowly and steadily train their clients to manage their future requirements by themselves under the guidance of Joomla administrators. Joomla also has a large community of joomla developers. On the other hand for a common user of WordPress the administrators and support staff is extraordinarily helpful and friendly; much more than the Joomla support.

Easy to Install
We can now turn to the installation systems. Both WordPress and Joomla have easy to install programs. WordPress has exciting templates and Joomla development offers pages which rival those of Word Press. WordPress uses technology like MySQL and PHP while Joomla uses PHP and generates easy to use HTML codes which is great for laymen.

The proof of the pudding
The final conclusion we can reach is that at the present moment WordPress has outrun Joomla. This is evident from the number of people accessing WordPress on Facebook. The figures for WordPress are almost 300,000 fans while for Joomla there are only 50,000 fans. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

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