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How to Assign static or Manual IP address on Windows XP?

July 07, 2010  by: Vipin R  Points: 5   Category: Software    Views: 1100

Windows XP is the most common OS and this tells how to assign a private IP address to a XP computer


1. Click on Start->Control Panel->Network and Internet connection->Network connections
2. Right Click on Local Area connection and click on Properties
3. Highlight "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click on Properties
4. Select Use the following IP address and specify the IP, Subnet mask and Default gateway.

For screenshots visit: http://feedz.webs.com/apps/blog/entries/show/4194794-how-to-assign-static-or-manual-ip-address-on-windows-xp-

Author: winindia        
Posted Date: 07/11/2010    Points:2    

If we change our IP address then I think people can do illegal activity from there computers and they will never get caught.
Is it true? Or there is any other way to catch these hackers.
Author: Vipin R        
Posted Date: 07/11/2010    Points:5    

You can only change the IP address of your computers which are connected to a LAN. These IP addresses are called Private IP address. But the IP address which will be recognised over internet is call Public IP address. You cannot define Public IP address. These Public IP addresses are given by the Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Private IP address Ranges:
Class A> to
Class B> -
Class C> -

Any IP address which is out of this range is called Public IP address
Author: laratomb        
Posted Date: 10/12/2013    Points:4    

Thanks for the post,Vipin R.As you said we cannot define the public IP address that we want but we can change it.The External/Public IP is got from the ISP and is classified into static and dynamic where static IP does not tend to change and the dynamic IP varies each time the modem is switched ON and OFF.If you have a dynamic IP then there are chances every-time you log on to the internet you are assigned a new IP.The duration to the change in IP depends on your ISP.The public IP of the user is displayed on a visit to

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