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Meat Pickle for Your Spicy Meal

November 08, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Food & Drinks    Views: 514

Pickle is an inevitable item in South Indian meals. This spicy item is a good starter for your meals and is a supplementary snack that adds taste to the food. Pickles are considered as a great snack when they are consumed with the daily food, especially with rice.


Pickles have a long history in the culinary art. They were well known even in the Vedic period. There are evidences that they were popular in the ancient Mesopotamia region, now known as Iraq. They are considered as a great snack in South India when they are consumed with the daily food, especially with rice.

Pickles for all Times

The main purpose of pickles is that they can be prepared, preserved for a long period and can be used at any time. Another purpose behind inventing this kind of food and snacks is to preserve all kinds of vegetables and fruits even after their seasons are over. The spicy ingredients that are mingled up with raw vegetables have their properties which are also magical on your health. Pickles have their original utilities, though they may be lacking their freshness.

Meat Pickle

Meat can be prepared and preserved as pickle and can be used at any time. It has been proved that fermented pickles consist of good bacteria that control damaging intestinal microbes, since during the time of fermentation of pickles, lactic acid is formed. This acid brings down fat in the bloodstream, develops circulation, and lower high blood pressure. Meat pickle contains protein and other supplements. This tasty item makes your meals more delicious and enjoy a good eating.

Recipe for Meat Pickle

Ingredients Needed

Meat cut into cubes - ½ kiloVinegar - half to one cupGinger - 1 pieceGarlic - 10 clovesChili powder - ½ cupTurmeric powder - ½ tsp (teaspoon)Mustard - 1 tspFenugreek - 1 tspOil(better sesame) - ½ cupOnion - 1(cut fine)Curry leaves - as per tasteSalt - as per taste

Method of Preparation

1) Boil meat with vinegar and salt until half done.2) Fry the boiled meat and keep it aside.3) Roast mustard and fenugreek and grind them along with other ingredients. 4) Heat oil in a pan, fry the onions and add all powders (masala). 5) Add vinegar and cool the mix with meat.6) When cooled store it in an airtight jar free from fungus formation.

This meat pickle can be used for nearly a month. Care must be taken while serving, since it may be contaminated by using wet spoons and air passage.



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