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Eight Ayurvedic herbal Remedies for Gout

November 08, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 30   Category: Health    Views: 952

Gout is a kind of arthritis affecting the computer world more and more. Sedentary life style and the changing food habits are main reasons for this threatening illness. Ayurveda suggests some effective remedies for this growing disease.


Gout is a form of arthritis threatening the modern computer world. It is estimated that in the United States alone more than 50 million adults are reported to have have some form of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia.

Without any warning gout suddenly appears in the body with a great pain in big toe, heel, ankle, elbow or wrist. The attack occurs suddenly and passes away after a week or ten days. Severe pain in any of the parts mentioned above, redness and swelling in those joints are some of the typical symptoms of gout.

Causes of gout

Gout is a reaction of the body to irritating crystalline deposits in the space between bone joints. It occurs when uric acid level increases in blood and forms urate crystals which are deposited in joints and tissues. This process of crystalline deposits precipitates gout attack. Though predominantly found in males after puberty, it is not do common in women. Women normally have this complaint only after their menopause. Mild cases of gout attacks can be controlled by diet. But chronic attacks need long term medication.

Ayurveda remedies for gout

Ayurveda, an ancient medicinal science of India, suggests some herbal remedies for gout.
1) Kishore Guggul, Navkarshik Churna, Punarnava Mandur, Gorakhmundi Powder are some of the Ayurvedic medicines available in Ayurvedic stores in paste, tablet and powder forms. They are prepared from herbs that control uric deposits.

2) Triphala is an effective Ayurvedic herbal product prepared with herbs such as amalaki, haritaki, bhibhitaki and some other herbs which have anti-gout power.

3) Navkarshik powder is an herbal formula of an ancient Ayurveda scholar called Chakradutt. He prepared a mixture of 9 herbs, specially used as an excellent Ayurvedic treatment for gout to purify blood.

4) Banana pith or ash gourd juice, drunk in the morning and evening, helps to eliminate crystals and helps kidney function.

5) Ayurveda suggests that a vegetarian diet is the best food for a person with gout. Ayurveda suggests avoiding all types of red meat such as beef, mutton, pork, chicken, duck and turkey.
Some sea foods such as cod, crab, lobster, snapper, salmon, tuna, trout, sardines and anchovies also lead to gout pain.
Even some vegetables such as cauliflower, asparagus, peas, spinach, contain a lot of purines and cause gout pain.

6) Fresh raw vegetables are good in reducing uric acids. Salads with carrot, cucumber and beet are ideal. Taking cucumber and beet in carrot juice is also good.

7) Water plays an important role in clearing the crystal formation in the urinary track. Ayurveda says gout patients should drink a gallon of clean water a day in order to get rid of uric acid and reduce the risk of kidney damage. Those with gout tend to have kidney stones.

8) Eating fruits is recommended by Ayurveda to clear the purines or waste matter. Fruits such as apples, strawberries and cherries are considered to reduce crystal formation. Drinking the juice of half lemon in 1 glass of water thrice in a day can eliminate crystal deposits.


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