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Seven Herbal Remedies for Postpartum Care

November 09, 2011  by: Paulose  Points: 25   Category: Health    Views: 826

Pregnancy and delivery of child is an experience of birth and rebirth. It needs a lot of care for the woman. Herbal remedies help them at every stage of their pregnancy.


The period of pregnancy and delivery is said to be a time of birth for a baby and rebirth for a woman. Though the newborn baby may be your top priority the postpartum care is also very important. There are many problems like vaginal soreness, urinary problems, sore breasts, etc. there are many herbal remedies that help women recover from the illnesses after their vaginal delivery.

Pregnancy changes the body of a woman in more ways than it is thought. It does not stop when the baby is born. Postpartum care is very important which involves managing sore breasts, skin changes, hair loss and more. Administering herbal remedies help women regain health and face the problems after their delivery. Another positive aspect of this herbal treatment is that it does not have any side effect.

Herbal remedies for postpartum care

1) Angelica root to stimulate uterus
Angelica root is considered as a powerful uterine stimulant that helps expel the retained placenta. It also helps if a miscarriage accidentally occurs during the pregnancy it. Taking angelica will help complete the miscarriage. Since it is a good uterine stimulant it helps bring on menstrual cycles. It is available in tincture form. It is safer to start with the lowest dosage as some women may be sensitive to this herb.

2) Shepherd's purse stops postpartum bleeding
Shepherd's purse herbs reduce postpartum bleeding from the womb. It has the property of coagulating the blood. This should not be taken during pregnancy since it may affect the baby in the womb. The tincture of this herbal remedy can be started with taking one or two teaspoons.

3) Cayenne to stimulate circulation
This red powder from cayenne pepper with strong flavor can be taken with shepherd's purse to make it spicy and tasty. It helps as a diuretic as well helping in elimination both with urine and with built-up fecal matter in the intestines. It has properties to stimulate circulation and is scientifically-proven to have antifungal properties.

4) Comfrey to heal perineum
Herb comfrey helps in more rapid healing of either a tear or episiotomy that may happen in the perineum. A few dried leaves of comfrey herb can be put in half gallon of boiling water, steeped for 6-8 hours and can be mixed with the water used in bath tub where the mother can sit for some time. This will heal the wound. It also helps prevent infection and relieve pain. Comfrey tea can also be applied to the breast, for breast infections. The dried leaves of this herb can also be used several times as a compress, simmered for 10-12 minutes, to be applied to the wound for five minutes at a time.

5) St. John's Wort oil to avoid tearing of perineum
Application and rubbing of St. John's Wort oil on the perineum during the time of delivery will help avoid tearing of this area. It can also be applied after delivery to speed up healing of tears in the perineum. It has a comforting action and it reduces burning and swelling of the tissues.

6) Echinacea to solve breast problems
Problems such as breast infection, accompanied by inflammation called mastitis with redness, tenderness and pain, can be treated with the herb Echinacea. This serves as an excellent antibiotic herb to reduce or eliminate mastitis. It purifies the blood, destroys viruses, and prevents the growth of bacteria and also helps build up the immune system.

7) Hop plant to increase breast milk
Hop plant is a helpful herb to relieve after pains, to increase breast milk, and to provide the mother with a good sleep. A teaspoon of it can be mixed with a cup of boiling water, steeped for 15-20 minutes, and taken a little before going to bed at night.


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