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Solar Energy - Renewable Resource

November 09, 2011  by: snowdoll487  Points: 12   Category: Environment  Earning $0.10   Views: 757

A good electricity alternative


A number of cities in various countries around the world promote green living. One country that supports the use of renewable source, such as solar energy and wind energy is South Korea. A number of street traffic lights and signs in South Korea are powered by solar energy panels. South Korea is among the few countries in Asia with Solar energy panels to provide electrical energy into parts of the cities. Not only do they support solar energy but as well as the use of wind as energy source.

If an Asian Country like South Korea is able to make use of free renewable supply of energy coming from the magnificent Sun, other countries can benefit and support green technology as well. Although a number of countries and major cities are starting to recognize the importance of finding an alternative or renewable source of electricity energy, only few are aware of the potential in using the power coming from the Sun, to provide electricity in cities or as simple as power traffic lights and signs. Imagine the future with solar powered cars. Indeed, this seems quite outrageous for some, but not impossible. There are inventions around the globe- solar powered cars- but only a few accepts of it as a good idea. What is so bad about using the Sun? So far, as of yet, there are no known bad effect of using solar energy in the environment. It is a clean environment friendly source of electric force. The sun is free, it's a clean source, and available in most part of the Earth.

Any major cities can benefit from this available renewable source of energy, the Sun's rays or sunlight energy renovate to usable electricity. We need not drill unto the Earth's surface and dig out resources from beneath. The possibility of solar energy scarcity is quite slim. The Sun is available for everyone. Those who know how to setup solar panels make use of these to provide electricity in their homes. At the moment, the price of Solar panels may be costly, but think of the whole system in the long run. This might help you lessen your electric bill or totally get rid of your monthly bill. Not bad, huh?


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