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Understanding Men during Arguments

November 09, 2011  by: snowdoll487  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 413

Arguments and misunderstandings, these are common in any relationships.


Arguments and misunderstandings, these are common in any relationships. No relationship is perfect, every now and then there are bouts of misunderstanding, a couple of jealous remarks and heated conversations. This is understandable. This is common trait in every relationship, no matter how educated couples are, how civil, and how much they want to settle things amicable. Dispute and misunderstanding happens in every relationship and that is perfectly normal, once in a while. However, men and women are complex people with differences. Both are unique species with special ways of dealing things, especially arguments.

Women are the type to settle arguments the moment it arises. When you're arguing about something you need to clear things right there and then. That is how women. They want to settle things as soon as possible and clear the air with whatever animosity or indifference there is between the couple.

However, the same is not true to men.

They want to let time pass, let things cool before tackling the subject again and talk about the issue. As much as possible they want to avoid the nagging, the shouting that will get both of you nowhere. When two people are engaged in a intense argument, chances are the two aren't listening to each other and would end up in a much complicated situation. Thus, men opt to retreat while women chose to engage further with the issue.
The problem with these situations is that instead of tackling one concern, a whole lot of buried and partly resolved issues come back to life, even those already done and over with issues you've had. Needless to say, problems of times past will be excavated once again during fiery arguments and the disagreements, problems and misunderstanding seems like never ending.

Thus women don't understand why men run away from settling matters at hand, straight forward. If misunderstanding arises, it should be settled right there and then so no misunderstanding and such, ever arises again. However, a man sees things differently than women. They understood that it is a woman's tendency to nag and talk endlessly of errors, which who's faults and mistakes when they're truly passionate of an argument.
On men's side, to avoid further misunderstanding and complications they would rather take their leave at the scenario and let the heat cool off a bit. This action ticks women, it infuriate them. However, women should be thankful of this gesture. It only means that the guy wants to settle things without further hurting you both with accusations and curses hurled at one another.

You both just need a day or two to think about the issue coolly. It doesn't mean, your relationship is going to end, it only means that you both need space to think about the relationship and then talk about it when both of you have calmed down and thinking straight. Anger blur people's reasoning, and so it is important to stay calm and sound in mind when clearing misunderstandings. Take time to lend an ear, listen and understand each others point of view. If both of you fails to understand each other once again and seems like wanting to start a quarrel yet again, better take time to breathe.


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