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How magneto development has enhanced ecommerce arena

November 10, 2011  by: Diya  Points: 12   Category: SEO    Views: 522

Ecommerce has been into existence from long time but, the unprecedented progress of Ecommerce website development has been noted recently.


Ecommerce has been into existence from long time but, the unprecedented progress of Ecommerce website development has been noted recently. Online shopping has become very popular among consumers all across because it is very fast, convenient, and saves lot of time. Today when you surf the Internet it is quite common to find numerous ecommerce websites or online stores where consumers shop any time and their number is mounting up rapidly. Similarly, there is a series of online stores on the Internet and many new online stores are budding-up to see the success of existing online stores and overwhelming response of consumers towards ecommerce. To manage and control so many online stores and for an efficient ecommerce website development, Magneto is ideal shopping cart software. Magneto is a new entrant in the ecommerce arena, it was released in 2008. Despite of that it has become the most popular open source ecommerce platform. Magneto is widely used in online stores to create customized websites and to help ecommerce website development, Magneto provides most advanced functionalities and features to your ecommerce website and that's why it is the favorite choice of ecommerce website owners. It is equipped with various features that are very important in your ecommerce website development, the features are- catalog browsing and management, customer services and accounts, shipping product browsing, payment and order management and search engine optimization (SEO). Magneto shopping cart is created provides all control to online merchants. The merchants acquire control over the content and functionality of their ecommerce websites and can design online stores at their own pace and wish. The tremendous popularity of Magneto Development in ecommerce arena has raised the demand of Magneto Developers also. Good and experienced Magneto developers are important to raise the standard of your online store and develop the store according to your specific requirement. Magneto has a growing community of developers who provide suggestions and share and report problems. There are numerous outsourcing companies from where you can hire proficient Magneto developers.

Since Magneto is an open source ecommerce platform which means it is available for free to all. In addition, magneto is user friendly because website owner can easily create catalog by adding images for a product, review a product and set different payment methods. The worth mentioning feature of Magneto development is that it guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. There is a better customer interaction which is very important in ecommerce website development. It allows you to perform all customer services without any difficulties and issues. In addition, Magneto has multi-store functionality that means you can run numerous online stores with a single admin panel.

In a nutshell it can be concluded that Magneto is very useful in ecommerce and it was developed to address the need of online store owners who were not only looking for functionality of ecommerce website but, wanted functional flexibility as well. Thus, it can be said magneto design & development has a very major role in enhancing in ecommerce arena.

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