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Why to convert PSD to HTML instead of using templates

November 11, 2011  by: Diya  Points: 12   Category: SEO    Views: 437

The main reason for the need to convert PSD to HTML is that the web does not accept the format of Photoshop documents.


The main reason for the need to convert PSD to HTML is that the web does not accept the format of Photoshop documents. PSD files are large static files and provide no user interaction or navigation. Besides PSD files cannot be directly uploaded to Internet because they are not compatible with the web browser. Thus to obtain highly dynamic robust and web compatible websites, it is a PSD to HTML is a prerequisite.

PSD to HTML for a highly customized web solution :
You need PSD to HTML conversion if you wish to stand apart in the crowd and register a unique presence of your own. Internet is already overflowing with a number of websites, smartly targeted at the selected audience. Thus what chance does your website stands if it is just another template? Internet users have come off age and they have seen it all. Thus if you don't have variety to offer to them, you better give up completely on the very idea. However if you wish to enjoy long term success with your website, look for a customized solution. A professional PSD to HTML conversion will be tailor made to represent your business solely. It will give you the edge over your competitors and will empower you to include your unique branding and USP in your web design. Besides as against the popular beliefs, getting a customized website is not really the indulgence of the riches. There are professional available who readily offers their PSD to HTML conversion services at very affordable rates.

Job for a professional :
PSD to HTML conversion is easily said than done. There are a set of intricate commands to be written down in order to transfer PSD to HTML successfully. A Photoshop document contains layers of text, images, headers and footers. The initial task of the professional is to slice all these layers into easily transferable sections which can be moved to the web site using intricate and lengthy commands.

HTML coding :
Anyone doing the PSD to XHTML/HTML coding has to be an expert in the field. A wrong code in the HTML language can doom the web site to limbo land. Proper tracks have to be laid through HTML coding so that search engines' attention can be drawn to the web pages. Wrong coding can result in the search engine crawlers ignoring or misinterpreting the commands. Besides a good developer will include SEo friendly segments in the website from the design stage itself by using relevant keywords in the URL's, Anchor tags and Meta Tags etc.

Misconception about HTML :
HTML is the basis of all websites. Some software developers have spread the rumor that HTML is obsolete. This is a falsehood. The fact is software converting PSD files directly to the web pages is highly risky and more often than not, produces a dysfunctional website.
HTML also uses versatile brackets and tags for maneuvering the ingredients of a web page. It is not a tough language to learn, a daily usage of its start and end tag system will make one adept at converting PSD to HTML. A good creation of HTML codes will result in a smooth transfer to the web and a flawless operation which becomes a success on the World Wide Web.
Seeing the power of HTML coding it becomes clear that we have to convert PSD to HTML instead of using Templates.

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