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PSD to HTML: The most worth mentioning aspect of Web Design and Development

November 11, 2011  by: Diya  Points: 12   Category: SEO    Views: 585

A PSD design to HTML conversion is definitely has an immense worthiness in the web design and development.


A PSD design to HTML conversion is definitely has an immense worthiness in the web design and development. People create design for their web pages and then convert them into website by using HTML coding. This is a very professional job. PSD (Photoshop Document) pages cannot be directly loaded on to the web because they are not compatible enough. They need to be converted into HTML pages so that they can be loaded on to the web. This is the core value of PSD to HTML conversion.

The HTML page comprises of another style sheet language known as CSS or Cascading Style Sheet. CSS is used to define the formatting and look of the document or web page that is written in HTML or other mark up languages. It is commonly used by designers to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML. CSS, however, is not compatible with every browser. To convert PSD to HTML conversion is thus important so that the web page is compatible and easily gets uploaded on every web browser.

Search engine compatibility :
It is advisable to have a clear picture in your mind about the working of existing search engines like Google, Yahoo and Safari. These search engines use crawlers to find out relevant content on web pages. Web designing is the artistic aspect and HTML coding is the practical skilled blue collar aspect of it. This is imperative to optimize your site for search engine in order to be tracked by all major search engines, and the website gets the maximum number of clicks and visitors. To make a web page Search engine friendly it is necessary to make it optimized right from the designing stage. It is advisable to add the right meta tags, anchor tags, H1, H2 tags right from the initial coding stage, so that as soon as the entire web page is ready, it is completely optimized in accordance to SEO rules.

Browser Compatibility and W3C Compliance :
Browser compatibility is another phenomenon that the web page must pass before it gets live on the World Wide Web. The web page should be compatible with all major browsers, whether it is the internet explorer or the Google Chrome. The case should not be that the web page looks highly professional and well optimized on one browser and gives a distorted view on the other. To make a web page browser compatible, proper PSD to HTML/CSS conversion is important. It is also important that the web page is W3C or World Wide Web Consortium compliant. This makes the web page easily accessible on the web and enhances the user experience. This can be done only if good coding practices are followed.

Above are mentioned few worth mentioning aspects of PSD to HTML conversion that are substantially important in web designing and development process.

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