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Top 10 DJ controllers on the market

November 12, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: New Product Release  Earning $0.40   Views: 1801

The music, as we all know, is the most promising source of rest for your souls. It sounds to decide how to choose the music for your enjoyment. Since its inception, the music itself has had many phases.


Today, the compositions of the music the DJ is in power in the world of music lovers. The young blood of this generation is very amused at the time of her favorite music DJ on the dance floor. DJ especially love the work of the pilots to make a kind of physical element, the performance of digital DJs, often lacking in mobile gaming. This allows them to get a vinyl inherited as an experience behind the cabins.

The interfaces are virtually unchanged from the classic 1970 Dics Citronic electronic console, or cloud, but also the availability of options is obtained by a gradually increasing. Here are 10 most popular DJ-drivers of the market by the catering company are served to the request in the best available price ranges to meet.

1. Allen & Heath Mixers DJ AM

This driver is known DJs for its robust filter nice building, very cool and fresh. His professional range of USB MIDI DJ controller, the game is very good.

The main features

With 20 built in USB sound card channel. Equipped with 24-bit 96 kHz audio quality from the top of the system. Integrated hardware MIDI interface. Of metal of good quality. A function of censorship at its best. The control unit is mounted above his clumsy PCB instead of a general council. When he accidentally pour your drinks on it, is to control very comfortable and easy to identify short and writes the law. The controller is priced at $ 299. The controller is the best for accurately dispensing quickly.

2. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 is a good quality 4-channel DJ controller; the rock seems to be in the surf.

The main features

Integrated 24-bit 96 kHz sound card to measure. Excellent electromagnetic multifunction jog wheel. The actual storage of the samples (up to 48 seconds) on the right side of the browser in a particular cell (eight). Here, the mixing module provides four channels with central lights contain two channels, filters and 3-band EQ controls. It is very easy to use and easy to become familiar with the S4. With its advanced performance, even if you are not familiar with Traktor Pro, foundations can learn more easily. With double the performance of tractors, Kontrol S4 is priced at $ 189 and 169 ?.

3. Numark NS7 USB DJ Controller

A controller for Serato ITCH DJ software AM. Numark is already a leading provider of business digital DJ controllers. Take a look at his side at the top, you will find an excellent feature Numark includes the bandwidth to easily reach a point very clearly on the track and put his finger on the point along the sensor.

The main features

Built almost in line with the Scratch Live library with high-resolution controller for Serato ITCH. Integrated into the current configuration, direct drive motor player. Above all, it contains a complete pre-assigned Serato ITCH software. A circuit of the audio system and the line of the input and reference-quality professional audio outputs. Follow the access controls. Numark NS7 DJ AM USB controller is priced at $ 1,172.66 price.

4. Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Master Edition

The German manufacturer Reloop very well since 1996 with his last invention, was united dj friendly. It is valued for their creativity and fresh approach without compromising quality and style compatibility.

The main features

DJ controller / USB on a 24-bit is installed, is mixed with a 96 kHz sound card digital output 2 Master hockey. One of the most impressive new feature is a Reloop to separate the mixture. This makes it possible to use two CD players and without the use of a device such as a PC software. MIDI Controller works with multiple platforms and is for ? 398.

5. Vestax VCI-300, 2008 MKIINT

The arrival of 2008 saw the beginning of winning VCI 300th Vestax is a perfect blend of simplicity and purity and simplicity. The artisans are giving very good, more practical and elegant for her.

The main features

It weighs 3.2 kilograms and looks like reel to reel tape. It has an interface with the metal cover made of black plastic. The launch control is to treat a fast and effortless for you in the right direction. With the smooth scroll wheel, preferring the title of the network and torque, making it uncomfortable, a machine gun. The price is a little more range from $ 929 to $ 959.

6. M-Audio Torq Xponent

A full optimization and mapping software for more efficient Torq Xponent USB MIDI DJ is a multifunction. The solid plastic is the same X-Session Pro with the same functionality. A special feature of the trackpad XY control is used for navigation on the screen.

The main features

Four USB ports 16-bit/48kHz. It works perfectly with any MIDI software. The driver weighs only 3.7 kg decent with a diameter of 8 cm. The strong sound card and 64 assignable buttons look professional throughout. It is a reliable and robust appearance. When we talk about security, this may be the best in price categories. In fact, all these feature for only $ 600.

7. Denon DN-SC2000 DJ MIDI USB Controller

Denon DN-HC 2000 is bomb-proof material with a heavy wheel, the panel has buttons and cue lights above the rubber. There are four keys to activate buttons and regular on / off

The main features

It is a compact platform and works with the USB drivers. Specially designed for Virtual DJ and Traktor Scratch. In essence, this is a dual bridge driver in a box. Interaction completely without a mouse or keyboard to the system. This driver was designed properly reached only $ 299.99. If you need a light controller with greater reliability, is the best option for you. Receiving an added feature, the flexibility increases the CDJ-setting.

8. Micromodule Faderfox DJ3

Faderfox admirably with his version of the first and second controller. While many of the professional features and quality built to appreciate, but it is not compatible with the latest sound was a big disadvantage. His failure, an AC adapter, and low power consumption are chosen.

The main features

Includes. Sexually transmitted infections, the control of the fader cards. It goes via MIDI with which you can easily control other software available for AOS with 250 controls. It weighs 350 grams and is very compact and rubber-coated metal buttons on the top. With many controls, it takes longer to get used to it. This embarrassment wears off over time, with the shift and tilt. Instead, it works well and has a decent price $ 369.

9. Akai APC 20

Akai APC20 APC40 APC extensive and includes controller. Comparing the two controllers to see what is best, and APC20 is at the top thanks to its lightweight and compact look smaller and more portable. It has an elegant and very stylish with a painted matte black.

The main features

It seemed simple. Encapsulated with a metal lid, APC20 is strong enough to withstand repeated gigs without problems. The one-button, 87 buttons and faders nine also contribute a lot to give it a solid look and feel. Forget finance, ideally, we should work APC40 APC20 study and concerts.

10. Novation Launchpad

A USB driver easy, but well constructed with 80 keys with backlight Novation Launchpad is very convenient. Less than $ 149 is the instrument panel conveniently located in terms of portability and functionality.

The main features

Novation Launchpad weighs 717 g with a USB port and a security lock Kensington lock. Launchpad can control almost any music software Automap software. The red color indicates that the video recording, and if no color, no trace of play. They have a professional look, the light offers information about what the clock on the screen. With a value of $ 149 with many advanced features, the APC40 the dashboard is reasonable to examine.


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