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Steps to Build an Effective Downline in an Affiliate Program

November 12, 2011  by: prithiviputra  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 739

This article explains a few steps to follow while building a downline in an affiliate program


As an aspiring affiliate marketer you would like to build an efficient downline in your affiliate program. It is very important to sponsor new affiliates into your program right from day one. It is equally vital to keep them active too. The real success of an affiliate marketer consists in the manner in which he or she keeps his or her first level affiliates active.

If the first level affiliates are active in an affiliate program then you can consider that half your job is done. You are sure to taste the nectar of success if your sponsored affiliates are active. On the contrary if they are not active all your efforts to run your affiliate business may go in vain. This is not the case of course with affiliate programs that pay you commissions for direct sales only.

Downline is an important factor when it comes to programs that give you residual commission on a monthly basis. Residual commission is the money that you will receive from the members of your downline a few levels deep. It is heartening to note that there are many affiliate programs across the Internet that encourage you to build downline up to six levels! There are a few programs that are even 12 levels deep for that matter.

You will have to take a few steps to ensure that your downline is strong and capable. It is a good idea to keep in touch with the members of the first level of your downline. It is always better to send them a welcome letter when they join under you. This is one way of keeping in touch with them. Another way of communicating with your first level affiliates is to encourage them to become action takers by citing a few illustrations from the performances of the successful affiliates of the past and your own successful career.

Ensure that the members of your downline sponsor their own affiliates or your sub-affiliates so that the downline grows further. This is what the activity of downline members is all about. In other words your downline will become all the more active if most members of your first level recruit affiliates. The second level of your downline is thus formed. If the members in the second level sponsor their own affiliates then your third level begins to flower. The downline develops further and it tends to grow deeper and deeper. This is how a downline gets developed.

It should be understood that the development of the third level of your downline is not in your hands. It is in fact in the hands of the members of your second level. It is up to them to encourage their own affiliates to be active. Thus affiliate marketing is an interesting type of business provided the downline is built effective and deep. The temperament of affiliates plays a very important role in the success of affiliate marketing. You should be temperamentally strong enough to build a nice and effective downline. This will enable you to be successful in affiliate marketing.


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