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The power of Numerology Part 2

July 07, 2010  by: Mathi  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 1733

Numbers are ruling the world, not only the world entire universe.


Part 1 you can read here


Numerology 2nd continues .

Now we can find lucky numbers or set numbers as we desired to get fruitful results in life.
As we saw earlier in first method ,only our fact numbers are more then enough to get good results in our life.If anything goes wrong with the fact number, then you can add all numbers together and add with fact number. Then the problems will be solve .

Each and every man has a name and the name put by the result of his/her previous births.

In this Numerology method Alphabets have some special numbers. So the letters says about his/her name value.

How to use this table?

Now my name is Mathi, Now,

M A T H I Total
4 1 4 5 1 15

My Total number is =15 means 1+5=6. This 6 is called my name value.

(1) Birth Date number
(2) Total of date of birth number
(3) and Name value

These are very important in numerology.

How to find the results?

1.The Fact number says about his/her character.
2.The Date ,Month and Year (date of birth) says about his/her lucky.
3.The Name value helps to understand and confirm above results.

If this three numbers are same or nearest to the same, then it will tells the results exactly what good or bad things are going to happening in his/her life.

All this three numbers should be co-operative, and we cannot change our birth date and date of birth numbers.

Then How can be done it?

Yes, we can. Here I changed a letter of my name and my name's value also will be change.

We can modify our name ( add, change or reduce). Like this:

M A T H E Total
4 1 4 5 5 19

Now we can set our name as we desired and get 100% best results.

In this way you can find your numbers and results.

Now you can understand the usage of numbers and its values.
In next article I will start with numbers and its characteristics.

Author: Kumaresh        
Posted Date: 07/10/2010    Points:2    

Very nice article. I am eagerly waiting for your other articles . Your articles are very informative. Keep it up.

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