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What do you know about Bluetooth wireless speaker Bose sound link

November 13, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Design  Earning $0.10   Views: 977

This interesting article addresses some of the key issues regarding soundlink wireless, bluetooth, wireless speaker. A careful reading of this material could make a big difference in how you think about soundlink wireless, bluetooth, wireless speaker.


General Information

Think of a Bluetooth Portable Speaker for iPhone and what you see? A black box with colors typical package is boring and more like a radio-quality sound. But Massachusetts has the giant equation with the new Bose SoundLink wireless Bluetooth, with its dazzling colors, elegant packaging and super sound quality varies, the product will experience a true luxury feel for you.

Price and Availability

The Bose SoundLink Wireless Speaker is available in two versions, which cover as standard with a high edge with a dark gray, the cost of Cordura ® nylon $ 299.95, while the level LX trim a dark brown leather high-end housing you can for be $ 349.95. The roofs of accessories are available in nylon (purple and red) $ 29.95 and leather (beige and burgundy) for $ 49.95. President SoundLink ® Mobile coverage and accessories can be found at retail stores will be purchased for Bose, the official website of Bose and Bose.

The great thing

This is ultra small, only about three pounds and less than 2 inches thick, the real portable device, and as they say never to judge by the size! The speakers have a built-in support for most smartpones, Tablet PCs, including the iPad and iPhone musical experience strange phone on Bluetooth services. It requires no lengthy setup procedures for network configuration, device matching process easy and ready to play. The style and packaging is another salient feature of the device, the media is available in many colors, charming, elegant, and the media can play an obstacle for each speaker are used. The buttons and controls are on the upper part of the fund is taken to a 3.5-mm audio input, plus there is a Micro-USB firmware upgrade in the future is necessary.

What is not so great

Although his style and sound, the Bose SoundLink phone has some negative aspects in all. The first is obvious, the price is very high compared to the speakers in its class. The range of Bluetooth range is good, about 10 meters without the signal, but in reality, the stereo is gone, when you looked at only 3 meters and speaker for voice output. However, it is strong enough to pierce the eardrum, the sound is really starting to distort when the volume reaches the limit in force. Another problem, which allows the battery, the 8 hours of continuous playback promises, but comes with a maximum volume, has four hours of reading, but if we work to keep the balance with the noise and the super battery good for about six hours.


If you are a luxury LX, the availability of accessories and options to purchase the range is the best option for you if you want to stay rather than go with the look simple and elegant, the standard answer is sufficient. Be chosen so wisely. It is also worth mentioning that the SoundLink Wireless Speakers with a remote control that is necessary to adjust the volume and EQ control smartphone.


Although expensive, Bose speakers is a product of good money with a better sound quality and style options, it is compatible with most devices, iPad, Tablet PCs and laptops with a wide range of smartphones. It has an integrated lithium-ion battery pack with the support of four to six hours. Bluetooth speakers have been here for years, so what's different than the Bose? It begins with the way that is compact and ending with the impressive sound quality from it, all in a sleek and durable package.

Other alternatives

Amazon made a deal combo for both devices. One is the audio engine W1 , which is actually a USB receiver, compatible with many speakers, and the other is the President AudioEngine A5 , which is of the highest quality Bose sound. The package is composed of two devices on Amazon for $ 474.

Mint 220 Digital Sound Station is almost the same sound quality and volume compared to Bose, but his fate with an iPod docking station for iPod. The speakers at $ 119.99 price.

Rocketfish RF-WS01 is another option available that is actually a set of two wireless stereo speakers supplied with power via a cable to the transmitter. All you can for only $ 104.99. The advantage is that you can actually set this with RF-WS02, feel like a home theater system when needed.


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