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10 must have iTunes Plug-ins for all users

November 13, 2011  by: willylive  Points: 12   Category: Design  Earning $0.45   Views: 1371

Thanks to the popularity of Apple's iPod media player software office management software characters iTunes music is now used around the world more. A strict management of Apple's iTunes music applications, video and applications of each model of iPod IOS has done wonders for her.


iTunes is configured as a modular software provides native support for plug-ins to improve end-user experience and the extra level. While many will debate on iTunes available for download on the Internet, we have plug-ins, who has 10 add-ons that stands out from the crowd.

1. Logical Volume
Volume Logic is to improve an add-on designed to fly on the listening experience for the end of remastering designed. The plug-in is easy to install and too small. After installing the plugin will automatically open each time to help iTunes on your PC or Mac sports the volume of old windows in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger brushed metal, which is not open form with current versions of iTunes, but with a lot size smaller, but fits

Once operational, the first volume provides a significant improvement to increase the logical volume of the music in iTunes. The add-on comes with 19 different EQ presets designed to improve the quality of the music according to their type. Although the logic of the default volume closed without adjustment, lifting capacity and the large number of different presets from the crowd. Volume Logic is free and available at $ 19.95 a label on it and a 30-day free trial.

2. G-Force
A plug-in iTunes audio visualizer, G-Force is working very bright effects, beautiful music library to provide users with the track and also supports "audio. With hardware acceleration, G-Force features fast anti-aliasing, many combinations are possible, editable effects and ability to export video. The program comes with a free version that has a number of functions are disabled when he tried the full version is priced at $ 20.

3. Sync iTunes
Sync iTunes designed to synchronize multiple iTunes playlists with other media players is detected. It supports almost infinite number of players from different media, with or without Apple. Although you can create playlists for individual players for the various media for synchronization, as the need to support almost all media players, iTunes sync is a good job.
Even if iTunes Sync supports most popular media players, application developers are kind enough to see a list of tests and is compatible with MP3 players on its website for users to be absolutely sure that this extension is. The offer of add-on is available, and developers recommend donations.

4. EyeJamz
EyeJamz important enough to work for people who have a huge music library, and for those who want to copy music from audio CDs. The main task is the cover of the album tracks and albums downloaded automatically EyeJamz users your music library. EyeJamz also has a brushed metal design, the Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and do not integrate with the main iTunes window. The program also calls on the album covers in 8 different measurements and tests have confirmed that the add-on that works well to detect the music files in your music library and download the appropriate album cover almost immediately. The application is small enough to download 504.12 KB, and comes with a price of $ 11.99.

5. iTunes
An open-source program, the contents of the m3u music files with iTunes Export exports can be optimized fast operation and a user interface for a good experience. Forced to make the closed nature of the system designers to iTunes playlist, iTunes export plug-in allows you to easily back up your iTunes playlists in a format that can be read from any media player. iTunes Export is open source software.

6. Igain
If you are not satisfied with the maximum power of the speaker system of the computer and Igain are the perfect choice for you. Igain is available for Windows and uses the Win32 API to connect directly with iTunes. Use MP3Gain makes AACGain programs and the strengthening of the music files to get. The program also normalizes the audio output, so a good start to remove suddenly the listening experience. Igain is available for download. The developers have also Igain significant amounts of humanitarian aid for the event.

7. EvilLyrics
As the name suggests, is simply a program EvilLyrics seeking the right words to the song playing in iTunes. EvilLyrics you need a active internet connection to work, work to find the words of the Web itself. This wonderful tool is free and is ideal for listeners who want to read the letter of the song.

8. iTunes Library Updater
iTunes Library Updater provides a much easier way to sync your iTunes library. This little program will replace the much-discussed consolidation functionality with iTunes and allows users to control the updating of his / her music files. The software automatically detects the version of iTunes and can work accordingly.

9. Fetch Art for iTunes
Fetch Art is an add-on iTunes will be the cover of the current title to have in iTunes. It connects to the Internet to reach your goal and work very quickly with Amazon's XML interface. It also helps to collect, record and album art that iTunes music files constantly. Fetch Art is a free program.

10. CoverSutra
Last but not least, is by far the most interesting CoverSutra iTunes add-on for Mac OS X. ITunes allows almost complete control without changing the current application can be executed. This improves the powerful search Spotlight in Mac OS X, you can find your music very much faster. CoverSutra also has support for the parties to the music library and supports three drive modes - plastic box, jewelry boxes and display super-vinyl. Direct access to the world, it is easier for users to control various aspects of iTunes, without opening the main window and the player controls immediately by an artist dedicated to the media than ever. CoverSutra Last.fm also supports integration with iTunes; users belong to the songs of all time on the popular social networks can scrobble.


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